The Role of Mouthguards In the Prevention of Dental Injuries

Mouthguards for dental


Talking about mouthguards what first flashes is the protection of the teeth from injuries. Your smile is very precious needs to safe even when you are involved in sports and activities. One of the major functional areas of mouthguards is in the field of various sports. However, before going to that what is important is to understand the term. A mouthguard is a simple cushioned layer on the teeth used to protect the lips the jaws and the teeth from any kind of injuries. The cushioned layer generally absorbs the shock during a blow on the mouth protecting from the high-intensity pain as well as from the causing of any serious or permanent injury to the teeth or the jaws.

There are mainly three types of mouthguards available

  • Custom fit mouthguards are made or customized for a set of teeth and these are the costliest and the most comfortable mouthguard.
  • Boil and bite mouthguards come in a fixed shape but if they are boiled and then bitten, they tend to take the shape of the mouth bitten by. They are little less comfortable than that of the custom fit.
  • Pre-formed mouthguards are the most basic and inexpensive form of mouthguard. They come in a fixed pre-made shape. Thus, the fittings of such are never a comfortable one.

Time when you need to use a mouthguard

Often, the mouthguards are used for sports activities because during any kind of sports or outdoor activities one is prone to cause injury to the mouth. Therefore, whenever talking about the times when one can use a mouthguard, the first thing that clicks is sports like football, rugby, boxing, etc. where the physical contact is evident. Otherwise, the mouthguards can be used in sports like volleyball, basketball where the use of this is still not popular, yet these sports require the use of mouthguards.

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Dental injuries protected by a mouthguard

The mouthguards tend to protect almost all and any dental injuries caused by the sports activity like that of:

  • Fractures of the crowns
  • Bruising and laceration of the lips
  • Fractures of the roots
  • Any type of injuries in the jaws (like a dislocation or a fracture)
  • Luxation and avulsion
  • The tissues of the cheeks and gums
  • Protection to the braces when using a properly fitted mouthguard

Mouthguards placing in mans mouth

Moreover, the shock absorbing quality of the mouthguard helps to lessen the feeling of the pain. Assorted studies show that the mouthguard is important in handling and preventing dental injuries. Its importance in preventing injuries like the concussion is evidently found inefficient. The types of injury that are generally faced in the sports activities can be well prevented but if any time any severe injury is caused like that of a dental concussion then it’s effectiveness is questionable. Otherwise, mouthguards are the best in taking care of the teeth of the players of various sports.

Importance of mouthguards in preventing dental injuries in kids

Both adults and kids play most of the sports. Hence, it must be a question of various readers as to what can be the importance of mouthguard differently in a kid. Kids are always playing, they are never careful. Therefore, it is important to save their smile and their jaws from any kind of injuries that they face when they fall or are hurt by any other methods. A mouthguard always can be the best option for a kid. In addition, for a kid with braces, it is just the perfect thing when they go out to play games.

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