How To Get Healthy Before Your Wedding

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With everyone’s eyes on the happy couple as you tie the knot, it’s not surprising that many couples plan to lose weight and get fitter in time for the big day. Having to get fitted for a suit or wedding dress and all the measuring and mirrors which that entails, can also help you focus on your fitness issues!

But with all the planning and arrangements which a wedding involves, on top of your normal daily life, fitting in extra time down at the gym or going on a drastic starvation diet are probably the last things you feel like doing. The good news is, they are not the answer.

There are many simple changes both of you can make to help you lose weight and get healthy in the run up to your wedding day, without ending up becoming an angry bridezilla due to hunger pangs and chocolate cravings! Whether you have a year before your wedding, or a week, there are things you can do to feel healthier and better on the big day:

Cut The Calories

Just reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories per day, will enable you to lose around a pound of weight per week, so think twice when you reach for that chocolate bar and swap your lunchtime sandwiches for a salad, and you will feel better before you know it.

Avoid A Bloated Belly

Some foods can make you feel bloated and puffy – definitely a look you want to avoid on your wedding day. Try swapping out apples, pears and peaches, for a banana to beat the bloat. Drink plenty of water but avoid the sparkling variety. It’s best to try to avoid alcohol if you are trying to improve your health but if you do want something, opt for vodka rather than the calorie-laden sugary cocktails.

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Cleansing Vegetables

Some vegetables can help flush out your system, including asparagus, celery and cucumber so eat plenty of these in the run-up to the nuptials. Avoid vegetables which are harder to digest and can cause bloating, including broccoli, cauliflower and peas.

It’s not all about losing weight and counting calories in the run up to the wedding day but more focus on becoming the healthiest you can be as a great start to the new life you are about to embark on. Don’t focus solely on weight loss but on health gain.

Focus on the things that are important to you – perhaps the way your body fits into your dress, any problem areas which you are self-conscious about and will be worried about in your wedding photos, for example, and then choose an exercise and eating plan to help tackle these particular issues.

Katie from Orla James would advise to make sure the plan you choose is fun and will help you to feel good about yourself, rather than having negative goals and ideals. Try not to go for unattainable targets as this will only leave you frustrated and unhappy rather than feeling the healthiest you can be on the day.

It can be a good idea to tackle your fitness and eating regime in the same way that you are planning your wedding. Go by the time you have left and set goals to achieve, so if you only have 30 days left, don’t try to set a goal to lose three stone, for example.

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However, you can plan your recipes and meals in advance, and plan what exercise you can fit in around all of the other daily activities you need to do. Try fitting in a jog down to the florist rather than catch the bus there and back, for example.

It is really important not to try a drastic no-eating or starvation diet during this time. Firstly, they don’t work well for health and secondly, it will leave you feeling frazzled and stressed and irritable just at a time when you need to keep cool and calm and organised.

Try to be organised, shop in advance for nutritious and healthy recipes, keep healthy snacks in your bag for when you are out and about and might be tempted to stop for a cake, and fit in some exercise on a regular basis in between all of the errands.

With all of the stress around this time it’s also important to take care of yourself as part of being the healthiest version you can be. Why not make your exercise fun by getting all your bridesmaids to come with you to a dance class or yoga class, combining wedding planning with exercise and a socialising in one go!

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