How Does Anti Cellulite Massage Work?

Anti Cellulite hand massage

Almost every woman has some degree of cellulite on her body. A cellulite condition is deeply linked with your internal health; and this means regular exercising and a healthy diet are very crucial. If this condition persists however, just proper diet and exercise will no longer work and more intensive treatment will be required.

How can you get rid of cellulite?

Of course there are a number of options available, from liposuction to laser treatments, use of topical products to a combo method of all. However, you might want to try a more simple, and natural solution first: Cellulite Massage.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite forms when a fat deposit develops under the skin and forces the skin to bulge out leading to bumps and dimples on the skin. The cellulite appears when fat cells build up between fibrous tissues that connect your skin to your underlying muscles.

The fat pushes your skin outward and the fibrous bands pull areas of your skin inwards thus creating uneven surface on the skin. The common places that this happen is the thighs, legs, buttocks and abdomen.

DIY Massage or Massage Therapist?

You can prefer to get a professional cellulite massage or do it yourself at home.

Self-massage techniques depends a lot on your discipline and patience on whether it will bring out the expected result or not, and whether or not you have the skills. A professional massage can be more pricey, but a massage therapist knows exactly how to handle your cellulite the best, and how to reach area’s you wouldn’t be able to massage yourself.

What is Cellulite Massage

A cellulite massage is a technique used to apply pressure on skin surfaces that are affected by cellulite. The goal is to loosen up the fat and toxin deposits, to improve the blood circulation and to detox your body through lymphatic drainage.

How does a anti-cellulite massage feel?

It is a treatment which in general is not particularly relaxing, and quite painful. But if you stick through a couple of treatments, you will feel the pain get less.

You might even begin to like these intensive massages, because you feel your body heal and getting stronger, and you might come out of each round feeling more energized and lighter.

How it works

The technique is to manipulate the skin and disperse fat cells under the skin so that they spread evenly instead of clustering at one point. Cellulite massage stimulates the tissue around the cellulite formations which improve blood circulation and lymphatic functions.

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What are the various types of massages for cellulite?

There are different cellulite massage techniques mostly used by professional masseurs of which I will discuss 4 examples below:

1) Kneading technique

This involves a squeeze and lift method. For a start, you use fingers to knead areas like inner knees and calves. Then you use hand kneading for broader surfaces like thighs and stomach.

This massage stimulates the blood flow and brings it closer to the surface. It also loosens up the accumulated fat and shuttles it out the system.

2) Knuckle technique

Though knuckles are pretty hard and can be painful on the skin, a knuckle massage can be fruitful when used appropriately.

This technique involves using a fist to roll over the affected area and gently destroy the cellulite bumps. The pressure from the fist breaks down the stubborn fat developed under the skin and helps in dissolving it. It makes it possible for the fat and toxins to be flushed out.

In this video you can see how the knuckle technique is executed:

3) Cupping Massage

Cupping is a traditional chinese massage that is used to improve the overall health and cure many ailments. But it is also perfect for getting a smooth skin.

There are many forms of cupping, from glass cups that are pulled vacuum on your skin by fire, to using silicone suction cups that are moved over your body.

In this video you can see how cupping is done with silicone suction cups:

4) Wringing technique

This uses a wringing motion of the hands. Both hands are used and moved up and down in an opposite vertical direction. The skin is pushed together and pushed apart, which loosens up the underlying tissue. It’s very effective for buttocks and thighs.

Here you can see a great example of a basic wringing technique:

Cellulite brush technique

Here special body brushes are used to stimulate the blood circulation in the affected areas. Your body is brushed in circular or straight strokes toward the lymph nodes. The brush is made up of firm bristles that maximize the effect of massaging.

For this technique, you can either dry brush or brush with oil.

In this video, you can see the directions in which you should brush the different body parts:

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1) S Massage

Using both hands, grasp as much of the cellulite affected areas as you possibly can and twist them in opposite direction to form an “S”. Now twist the S the other way around. This will loosen up the tissue underneath. Then perform heavy stroking motions with your palm to let the toxins and fat cells flow away.

2) THÂN-THÊ Massage

Thân-Thê massage is derived from centuries old natural massage techniques in China and Vietnam. It is a full body massage aimed at a beautiful silhouette, a tight and smooth skin without fat deposits and cellulite reduction. This intensive reshape of the silhouette gives visible and long lasting results.

Thân-Thê massage distinguishes itself from other massages because it goes through all layers of the skin and muscles to the very bone itself. To describe this massage is quite difficult, because it involves various techniques of pulling, pushing and stroking the skin.

It is usually a quite expensive treatment, because it is not only targeted at reducing cellulite, but also at losing weight and actual reshaping of your body. The best way is to find out how it works is to experience it yourself. But brace yourself, it is one of the most forceful treatments you can experience..

To use with each massage method: strokes

There are key movements that are used at the beginning and end of every massage session. These movements ensure best results while using any of the above techniques:

  • Perform light stroking movements with the tips of your fingers (feathering massage), slowly and gently such that it works as a relaxant.
  • Use your palm when smoothing the skin out. It follows stroking and goes slightly deeper. In this movement the cellulite in the affected area is smoothed over without grasping it.


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As mentioned in the beginning, cellulite is not just an external problem – it also has to do with what you eat and how you live. An anti-cellulite massage is only a complementary treatment.

If you don’t change to a healthier lifestyle, your bumps will only come back. However, if paired with regular cleanses, proper diet and exercise, cellulite massages can have a great impact on your body’s appearance.

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