Have Fun While Getting Fit!

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When exercise is fun and enjoyable, it’s so much easier to stick to. It’s something everyone needs to do to live a more healthy life, so it’s worth finding activities that you can tolerate or even have fun doing. Here are just a few of the ways you can make exercise more enjoyable when you start your healthy lifestyle plan in the new year!

Choose Something Challenging

A challenging workout might feel difficult at the time, but will give you an incredible sense of achievement once you’re done. So go for the burn, and really push yourself! One option is taking a high-intensity interval training workout and exercise class. You could hire a personal trainer who will push you to your limits, or even try a competitive sport. These will all allow you to achieve your maximum potential.

Think Outside The Box

There are a whole range of different workout routines, classes, and equipment you can utilise in order to get fit. How about Zumba or Clubbercise to dance your way to better health? You could purchase a Wii Fit, a Kinect or even an old school dance mat for a fun workout at home. You could simply lace up your walking shoes and go for a hike with your dog. Don’t just limit yourself to gyms and standard exercise equipment to get fit. Any activity where you’re out and about or moving your body will count. Even shopping is an excellent workout, and you can’t get much more fun than that!

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Listen to Music or Podcasts

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Putting your headphones in and listening to something can make any exercise seem more bearable. It could be your favourite music, a podcast or an audio book. It helps to draw your attention away from the exercise, so time goes by more quickly. You could spend some time putting together a playlist or finding some inspiring pieces to listen to as you exercise.

Get Social

Exercising with a workout buddy can be more fun that working out alone. Alternatively, you could join a team sport. This could be with an existing group of friends, or you could participate in a class and meet some new people. When you exercise alone, you might find yourself counting down the minutes until you can stop. But in a group where you’re socialising and having fun in the process, the time is likely to pass much more quickly. Plus if you don’t get a whole lot of time to socialise between work, home and family commitments, exercising while spending time with others is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone! The new year is the perfect time to round up others in your life to join a team with you, since everyone is inspired to get fit. Ask your Facebook friends or work colleagues and see if there’s anyone who is up for it.

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Do you have plans for starting up a new exercise routine in 2017? What steps will you take to make sure it’s enjoyable enough to stick out long-term?

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