Why Your Workout Gear Matters

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When you join a gym for the first time, you’re told about the importance of loose, comfortable clothing. When you buy your running shoes, a store assistant asks you to make sure they fit snugly and don’t squeeze anything. You’re not just being given fashion advice; the clothes you wear for working out play a part in your overall fitness regime.

Admittedly, some of the selling points for workout apparel is psychological; when you wear it you feel like an athlete, even if you aren’t quite performing like one. But there is no arguing that the right clothes can aid your exercise; yoga pants allows for more flexibility, and tank tops leave your armpits open and prevent your workout from becoming too sweaty. Here are more examples of why the correct workout gear can supplement a good fitness regime.


You won’t perform at your best if you aren’t comfortable while working out. Runners will know to wear shorts longer than mid-thigh to prevent thighs from rubbing together and causing chaffing and rashes. If your workout top is too tight, it restricts your breathing and makes it difficult to participate properly.

The right fabric is also important when choosing workout clothes. Items made of polypropylene, spandex, polyester blends, or wool are best suited. They are breathable, and can absorb moisture very well. Cotton is also breathable, but sweat evaporates slowly on it, so it gets heavy as you workout.

Sometimes the cost of several good shirts can add up, so use a reebok coupon to cut it down slightly.

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Yogis aren’t the only ones who benefit from flexible workout clothes. There are many endurance poses and cardio exercises that work better when your clothes aren’t restricting your movement. Not performing the exercise properly may make it ineffective or even dangerous. Your workout outfit should not be too snug or loose. It should be made of a type of fabric that can easily stretch. This will allow the clothing to move with you when you workout, allowing you to reach, bend, move and twist as needed for your particular type of workout.


There are nearly hundreds of pairs of running shoes available, but that’s not the extent of workout gear available for your feet. Most stores sell specialty sneakers for different types of exercise, such as running, cross-training and basketball. Experts at these stores can often advise you on the best shoes for your preferred activity.

The most important aspect of sports sneakers is to provide proper cushioning and arch support for your feet, especially if you’re going to be involved in high impact exercises. Not to mention the risk of blisters from ill-fitting shoes.


You’ve noticed by now that workout clothes are very form-fitting. Image how they’ll fit once your muscles start developing and your waistline gets smaller? One of the biggest reasons to buy good workout clothes is so you can feel confident when you look in the mirror and see the results of your hard work.

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