5 Best Beginner Core and Ab Workouts for Men

Ab Workouts for men kick ups

Summer is quickly approaching, and if you want to have that beach body you desired this year, it is time to start working out now. Having great abs takes hard work, but as with everything else in life, it will surely pay off when you see the progress. To have great and toned core and abs, you need to have a well-structured diet plan, and of course, do proper workout.

In order to strengthen your muscles and have the body you have always dreamed of, we give you the 5 best beginner core and ab workouts for men, which you should start with even today!

1.         Plank Exercise

The plank is the most basic exercise, but it surely is effective. While it will help you strengthen the muscles on your back and your abs, the planks also affects your glutes and quads.

To do a proper plank, position yourself on the floor in a push-up position. Your legs should be straight back while your arms should be directly under your shoulders. From this position, bring your torso up, while supporting your weight on your elbows and your toes. You should squeeze in your abs and keep a straight back.

This exercise seems very simple, but in reality, it is very hard yet effective. Keep yourself in that position as much as you can and try to make it around 60 seconds. Do two or three repetitions in every workout session. As you continue to work out, increase the time you are keeping yourself in the position and the number of repetitions for more effective results.

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2.         Push-Ups

Push-ups can have a great impact on your whole body, giving you a good posture and tightening your core and ab muscles.

To do a proper push-up, get on “all four”. You should support yourself on your toes and your palms. The position of the palms should be slightly wider than the position of your shoulders. By bending your elbows, lower yourself towards the floor. Keep in the down position for 1-2 seconds and then get back up in the initial position. You should do 10-15 repetitions in the beginning, increasing the number of repetitions as you exercise. In the beginning, you might not be able to lower yourself just above ground level, but that is okay. Go as low as possible, and you will gain strength in your arms the more you exercise.

3.         Mountain Climber

The mountain climber is also a simple exercise which will help you do an ab and core workout, but in the same time strengthen your legs and buttock. To do a mountain climber, get yourself in a high push-up position. Bring one foot up and bring it towards your chest. Quickly return in the initial position and switch foot. Do repetitions for at least 30 seconds. Be sure to keep your abs tight while doing this exercise.

4.         Exercise with Stepper Machine

If you are thinking about hitting the gym, the stepper machine is the first things you should be on the lookout for if you want to strengthen you core and abs. It is a relatively simple machine, yet you can control its intensity. Exercising on the stepper machine resembles climbing up the stairs — yet the higher intensity will surely do much more for your body. Start at a slower speed and a lower intensity and increase the metrics as you exercise over time.

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5.         Hip Roll

The hip roll is not among the most intensive exercises on this list, but it is surely welcomed since it will help you tone your love handles, and also your abs and core. It is a relatively simple exercise which is perfect for beginners.

To do a hip roll, lie flat on your back. Bend the knees at an angle of 90 degrees just above your hips. Your arms should be extended out from your shoulders. Lower your bent legs to one side, while your shoulders still are stuck to the floor. Be sure to squeeze your glutes and do the lowering slowly. Go as low as you can. Then, slowly go back to the initial position and lower your legs to the other side. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

With these 5 effective exercises, you can be in a very good shape and finally get the body you always wished for. Remember, by eating healthy and balanced meals and by doing a proper exercise, you will be able to lose the extra weight, tone your body and live a healthier lifestyle. Isn’t that amazing? Start doing changes today!

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