A No-Nonsense Guide to Losing Weight

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Feeling overweight? Need to shed a few pounds? Are your dresses and shirts no longer fitting? Having a tough time with exercise? Fear not! There’s a magical solution just waiting for you! Simply buy this shady looking pill and take it once a day and you’ll see instantly weight loss—no exercise or dieting required!

Or not. How about we cut the crap, get rid of these whimsical claims and sit down to have a chat about how you actually lose weight. This article is going to be the best few minutes of your life if you’re having trouble losing weight, and it’s going to make you realise how easy losing weight actually is—assuming you are motivated.

What is your reason?

First, let’s get this out of the way. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because your partner is concerned? Perhaps you are experiencing health issues? Or maybe you just want to lose that belly? Whatever you reasons for losing weight, they have to be legitimate concerns of yours to be able to motivate you. Someone doesn’t just say “I’m going to lose weight!” and is successful—they all have some kind of motivation.

Exercise is optional

Yes, you read that correctly. Losing weight without doing a single minute of exercise sounds ridiculous to all of the people that have been actively looking for ways to lose weight, but let’s admit it—has it worked for you? If you are still trying to lose weight despite listening to all of these claims about how exercise is going to change your life, then clearly something is amiss.

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But how can exercise, something that makes us pant, sweat and cry out in pain, be optional in losing weight? It’s all in the science. However, that’s not to say exercise doesn’t help because it absolutely does, but you don’t have to sweat at the gym and pay expensive membership fees just to be able to exercise. In fact, you can get simple pieces of home equipment such as door gyms, running shoes and exercise mats and you can get a great workout at home. WePullUp will be your guide to pull up bars. They have extensive reviews about all the best home gym equipment and you’re guaranteed to find some excellent articles regarding weight loss too.

Losing Weight woman doing yoga outside


The golden rule of losing weight

Science is important when it comes to losing weight, but here’s the golden rule: burn more calories than you consume. Burning calories doesn’t have to involve exercise. In fact, the average human being burns roughly 2000 calories during a day. As long as you consume less than 2000 calories, you’ll burn fat just by eating less. Sound easy? It is. In fact, adding some simple activities such as washing the dishes, walking to the store and jumping around to stretch between work will burn a few hundred extra calories. If you’re unsure how many calories you are taking in, try counting calories and you’ll find many areas where you can reduce your caloric intake and successfully lose weight.

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