Delicious Foods You Can Eat And Still Lose Weight!

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Are you sick on denying yourself when you are on a diet? Fed up of missing out on all of your favorite foods and meals because you are trying to be good?  Then look no further because below is a list of awesome foods, that with a little adaption you can enjoy and still lose weight.

Keto – Bacon Eggs And Pancakes

Eating fatty bacon and fried eggs with pancakes, butter, and syrup may seem like a meal that dieters fantasize about. At best you would count it as a cheat meal and then get back to the grindstone after that, right? But that doesn’t actually have to be the case.

In fact, depending on the diet you are following you can eat this delicious feast every day if you want. No, I’m not kidding! This delicious meal is perfectly acceptable on the ketogenic diet as long as you make it within the boundaries of that plan.
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The ketogenic diet, of which you can read more about at sites like the beginner’s keto diet guide, means increasing your fat intake and minimizing your carbs. So your bacon, eggs, oil and butter are perfectly acceptable.  
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You will have to watch the pancakes mix, though. But happily, you can get a good approximation by using cream, cheese instead of flour.

The syrup is also something you need to watch out for as it can contain a lot of carbs in the form of refined sugar. So make sure to get a carb free one.

Eat Clean – Puddings

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Now if you are following the eat clean trend you’ll have come across the odd sugar craving now and then. But you don’t have to sabotage your whole eating plan to enjoy something sweet. In fact, there are lots of delicious clean treats you can make.
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For example, you can try this yummy chocolate avocado pudding. Or how about whipping up a batch of these black bean brownies with a smooth, satisfying texture? All you need are black beans, cocoa, honey, oats and some dark chocolate chips. So you can see that they contain no refined sugar, but are still a delicious treat guaranteed to sate your sweet tooth.
Lose Weight brownies freshly baked

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Low Fat – Lasagna

I don’t know about your but one of my most craved food, when I’m watching what I eat, is a delicious lasagna. But will all that bechamel sauce and cheese it can be a big no-no. However,  its is totally possible to adapt a lasagna to a low-fat diet.
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To reduce the amount of fat in the overall dish use zucchini slices instead of the pasta sheets. Then make up your own tomatoes sauce with no added ingredients. Also use a blended mix of cottage cheese, low fat and a few eggs as a replacement for the benchmark sauce. Finally top with the small portion of grated reduced fat cheddar or Parmesan before it goes in the oven, As this is fairly low in fat for the amount you will need anyway, and there you have it!

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