9 Super-Easy Ways to start Working out At Home in 2017

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Working out at home is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. This is because it is cheaper and more convenient than having to go all the way to a standard gym. Below we have outlined 9 ways to start working out from home in 2017.

1-Build your own gym

With a garage gym planner, you can have your own gym in no time. Garage gym planner helps you convert your garage into a gym. Once you have your own gym set up it is as easy as going regularly to the gym, which happens to be just outside. Another benefit is that this gym is customized to your preferences. No one else is hogging any of the machines and there is nothing left lying around.

2 – Go outside

There is nothing stopping you from going for a jog for 15 minutes, having a routine of core and stretching, and jogging back home. If you work from home this is the perfect way to break up the day. You have the added benefit of fresh air, meeting people and also have infinite amounts of space. It can be done at any time. There really is no need to go to the conventional gym at all.

3 – Invest in a bar and dumbbells

A standard bar and dumbbells with weights are not that expensive. However, once you invest in these, the vast majority of muscles can get a workout. Free lifting is also much better than using machines. It’s more natural and you learn how to interact with the bar. These are really all you need as there is such a large amount of exercises that can be done, especially when a bench press is thrown in.

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4 – Act the part

Get the gym vibes going. You will feel as if you are actually in the gym itself. Turn the music up loud and make sure it gets your blood racing. Then start your routine. You could also decorate the walls with encouraging slogans which get you in the mood. By engaging in this “gym” mindset you will get all the benefits of going to the gym without all the disadvantages, such as overcrowding or lack of available machines.

5 – Get a group

You could get your significant other or a friend or family member to participate in a regular exercise class/routine at your home. Invite some friends over twice a week and make it a regular occurrence. This will ensure that you stay motivated to do it. Other people are now relying on you to get their workouts done.

6 – Set goals

Possibly the best way to get anything done is to write it out on a piece of paper and sign it. For example, “I xxx hereby declare that I will undertake the following routine for the next 3 weeks”. After you have signed your name on the list simply put it up on the wall, somewhere you see often. By putting your name to it you have made a commitment and have to stick by it. There is no escaping it now, you have to do it. And after a while, it will simply become a routine that you do instead of an annoying chore, much like many tasks.

7 – Personal Trainer

Hire a personal trainer of some sort to instruct you in your own home. This trainer could plan routines for you and if you do not do them you will be in for a brutal session next week. This is another form of motivation which provides huge encouragement to knuckle down to work asap. The best forms of motivation are the ones which do not leave you any wiggle room for laziness.

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8 – Get creative

Your house is a jungle of gym objects. You can run up and down the stairs, use the kitchen counter for stretching, do jumping jacks where space allows etc. You can also try handstands against the walls and other techniques not really appropriate for a public environment. Add a chinning bar and a skipping rope and you have the basics of a decent workout.

9 – New age Techniques

You could learn routines from Yoga, Tai chi or Reiki. All you need is empty space, some quiet and a comfortable environment. One of the main points of these exercises is they don’t need much in the way of external objects. These can be a great way to work out as well as provide an alternative type of exercise. They also have added benefits associated with these types of spiritual practices.

Hope you enjoyed our list of 9 home workout options. From a garage gym planner to a Yoga sun salutation, there are many ways to get all the benefits of a workout right on your doorstep.

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