Tips For Avoiding Injury At The Gym

Tips For Avoiding Injury At The Gym

Working out, like so many other things,  is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  Although injury is more likely to happen to beginners just starting a workout program, it can happen to anyone.

The primary goal of a workout is to get your body stronger, not break it.  Therefore, here are some of the best ways to avoid getting hurt at the gym.

Avoid Workouts Which Could Flare Up Prior Injuries 

When developing a workout plan, you should include exercises that are appropriate for your body’s composition.  If you’ve suffered a back injury in the past, then you want to avoid exercises that put too much strain on your back.

Focus on workouts that won’t trigger pre-existing issues.  Since that particular part of your body is already vulnerable, you should protect it as much as possible.

Always Warm Up

Rule number one of exercise is that you should never put too much strain on muscles that are cold.  Your body should be stretched and engaged in at least five minutes of a low impact activity like walking or jumping rope.

A warm-up doesn’t just get your body prepared for the work it’s about to do, but also your brain!  You’ll be more likely to push yourself harder if you slowly ease your way into high intensity rather than pushing all at once.

Wear Proper Shoes

Even if you’re working out in your own living room, you should always wear proper workout shoes.  The soles of your feet should be supported with the appropriate sized arch, which will protect your back and knees from injury.

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If you’re lifting weights, you risk dropping one on your feet as well, so footwear can help protect from falls.

Drink Plenty Of Water

People aren’t lying when they tell you how important it is to stay hydrated.  Drink water throughout your workout in order to keep your body replenished with water as you sweat.

Dehydration can lead to severe fatigue and muscle cramps. Therefore, always keep a bottle of water next to you at the gym.

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Know Your Limits

Even though you may be excited to progress quickly at the gym, it’s important to be realistic.  Know your limits and recognize when you’re pushing your body too hard. If ever you feel pain or discomfort, stop what you’re doing immediately and take a break.

Ultimately, your workout will benefit you the most if you stay safe.  The main goal when developing a workout program is to increase muscle mass and protect your joints from harm.

By applying these methods followed by a proper nutrition plan, you’ll see the results that you want, and you deserve from the gym.

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