Can Peloton Help You Lose Weight? Know All The Details!


If you are browsing to know precisely how can Peloton help you lose weight, chances are that you are new to this home workout equipment domain. Though Peloton’s popularity has surged globally (especially after Covid 19 pandemic) given their killer indoor cycling workouts – their recent relaunch introducing strength training, yoga, and meditation has increased its fanbase. There was news floating in the market that the company was looking forth to relaunch its app with a host of new facilities, wherein the WiFi-connected stationary bike would not be the only option.

This article will give you an insight into – how Peloton helps shed pounds and why one must not rely only on this. Apart from that, this content will also provide tidbits on a proper programming and diet schedule to follow, along with a sample workout session.

Getting to the core of it –

Can Peloton help you lose weight?

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You have to understand that Peloton is a great way to shed some pounds easily. Though initially, it kick started its journey with a fitness bike, it now includes cardio, target strength, and flexibility that assures better overall body training. So, if you are categorically looking to ‘only lose weight’ – Peloton exercises are a great alternative for you!

For the unversed, with Peloton bike rides – you can control your intensity levels and manage your metabolic rate (a 35-40 minute schedule has shown to burn off around 400-700 calories). Added to that, the bike classes strategically assist in burning down stubborn belly fat, which supposedly is one of the key ‘fat-shedding’ areas.

Having said that, Peloton does not offer complete body toning and rather concentrates on losing bulk fat. Therefore, if you want to achieve that ‘perfectly hinged curve,’ you must broaden your horizon, including a couple of other exercises, and tweak your diet.

Before doing the same, you must check the offerings that Peloton presents. Let’s learn more from the Peloton classes.

Which are the best Peleton classes?

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If you are looking to concentrate on strength training apart from mere weight loss, here are some of the classes you must check out –

  • Power Zone Endurance Ride

Ranked at the top, this is one of those classes on the Peloton app that you must check out at the earliest. With over 10 classes of more than 90 minutes in duration, this is specifically for building up muscle endurance. Also, its grueling sessions are categorically planned for building up stamina and burning calories.

  • Pro Cyclist Ride

Every time you would ask – can Peloton help you lose weight, the company would come up with its range of services. Its Pro Cyclist Ride classes, led by two-time Olympian Christian Vande Velde, are one of the most challenging sessions you can be a part of. This class categorically builds up your intensity and resistance a tad below the anaerobic threshold and categorically focuses on the interval training between power zones.

  • Climb Ride

This 30-minute session is curated to give the users a feel of climbing uphill both in saddle and standing positions. It is designed in a way to increase one’s resistance while climbing uphill and, in the process, enhance one’s strength.

  • Hills Ride and HIIT format

This is one of the most-opted classes! Each 30-45 minute session focuses categorically on climbing format both in saddle and standing positions. Additionally, it includes a Bootcamp class and VO2 max to enhance internal strength.

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If you follow these workouts in a categorical manner, surely it will help you achieve your desired body within a short span of time.

A sample workout-program you must follow

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For those still in doubt about in what way can Peloton help you lose weight – it is best that you check out a sample workout program offered by the company. This is technically a 4-week program in which you can enroll not just to shed pounds but also to ensure an in-depth core strengthening.

Week 1 –

When you kickstart your fitness routine with Peloton – the primary focus is on building endurance. Hence, the initial week will focus on endurance training with both power zone endurance rides and low impact endurance ride. The time range could vary between 20 minutes to 45 minutes, and you could end the session with a 45 minutes straight climb ride.

Week 2 –

Once you are done with the endurance training, you may enter the second schedule of Peloton training. Getting to this, you will have to put your focus on improving speed. For that, you will have to concentrate on HIIT and low-impact rides. You could then move onto the sweat steady ride format to complete your weight-loss strategy.

Week 3 –

You might have heard multiple rumors that only Peloton cannot help you lose weight. As true as that may be – the fact of the matter is – its specific strength training workout focuses on improving muscle strength. So, can Peloton help you lose weight if you follow its resistance formation weekly format that includes both climb and power zone ride apart from HIIT? The answer is a humongous yes!!

Week 4 –

In terms of its sampling workout, the fourth week will concentrate on interval training that includes Tabata rides and low-impact rides. Like its previous formats, this will focus on high-intensity action and try to concentrate on faster recovery periods.

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How to combine Peleton with diet?

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When you eat healthy and cut off junk food from your diet, only then can Peloton help you lose weight. Peloton is just a set of skilled-exercise regimes that help to shed the ‘unwanted’ fat content from your body.

But there have been complaints more than once that – Peloton is not helping one to shed body fat the way it should. This is simply because – you are eating more than you are shedding.

So, how do you manage your diet accordingly?

  • Since eating right will constitute 60% of your results, you must count your calories. There are countless calorie-counting apps online. Install a credible one on your phone and go ahead counting your meals.


  • You must cut down on your sugar and junk food (any fried food, or preserved food, or packaged products with high quantities of sodium). Eating home-cooked meals is the key to success.


  • Never cut down on your carbs completely to shed weight. They are crucial to maintaining your body. Also, many people tend to increase their protein consumption suddenly. This can be harmful since the body cannot process the ‘extra’ amount. Therefore – moderation is the key to success.


  • Include seasonal fruits and fresh juices in your diet. Replace mustard or vegetable oil with olive oil for cooking. Ask any expert when can Peloton help you lose weight; they will always reply that eating clean along with Peloton is how you lose weight in a healthy manner.

To derive maximum results, you will have to pair this up with a regular home workout regime.

What exercises to incorporate for full body training?

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Now that you are aware of the basics associated with Peloton and how it can help you shed some pounds – here’s giving you a sneak peek at the other indoor exercises you must combine to derive the maximum benefit out of your routine.

  • Squats are a must!

Categorically designed to tame the flab in your abdomen region, you must combine your Peloton workout with 5 repetitions of this thrice a week.

  • Ab crunches are the perfect toner

Not only can Peloton help you lose weight – but to enhance its effects, you need a set of ab crunches twice a week! A combination will help to keep your belly in shape.

  • Leg lifts will strengthen your core

Leg lifts have always been a workout favorite! They not only help built abs but also strengthens the calf muscles.

  • Push-ups will never fail you!

As good as cycling is – push-ups, at least 50 per week, help in – building up your chest, biceps, and spinal cord.

Take care of your body

Assuming you have read this article well, you might have a fair idea regarding can Peloton help you lose weight and the other aspects you need to consider to benefit completely from this. If you want more news or updated data about this format of exercise – do let our experts know in the comments section. For more updates – keep browsing this website!

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