Fitness Excuses You Just Can’t Get Away With Anymore

Fitness Excuses You Just Can’t Get Away With Anymore


People have been making excuses as to why they can’t get for years. There are so many people out there who could be getting fit, feeling great, and building the body of their dreams. However, they continue to make the same old tired excuses. These are the fitness excuses you just can’t get away with anymore:

I Don’t Have Time

You don’t have time? Beyonce has time, and she’s an international superstar with a child and a husband! Seriously though, if you want to get fit and have a body you can be proud of, you don’t find time. You make it. You get up a little earlier. You do it after work, even if you’re tired. You really can’t find 2% of your day a few times a week to get a little sweat on? Unlikely!

I Don’t Like Exercise

That’s what you think! If you say you don’t like exercise, you just haven’t found the right type for you. Either that, or you haven’t stuck to it long enough to fall in love with it. The majority of the time, those who stick to exercise for a few weeks, really fall in love with the way it makes them feel and look. There’s a type of exercise out there to suit everybody, whether that’s lifting weights, pole dancing, swimming, or something else. There is something, you just have to find it!

I Can’t Afford It

Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You don’t need a gym membership to get fit. You can workout outside, or in your own living room. There are apps and YouTube tutorials that are completely free, and will give you all kinds of tips and info on working out without a gym.

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When it comes to food, there are plenty of value supermarkets you can shop at to buy your healthy produce.

I’m Too Tired

We all feel tired from time to time. Nobody is saying your job isn’t tiring, but failing to stay active is going to make you feel worse. So many people report feeling more alive and full of energy than ever before when they start to exercise. If you start to get into a good routine, you’ll likely feel amazing!

Fitness Excuses kettlebells on ground


I’m Not In The Best Shape

That’s why you start! Maybe you’re quite overweight, or you have an injury. Everyone has to stay active. As long as you’ve checked with your doctor first, then starting a fitness regime is usually a great ideas. You can even look at a site like to find something to make it easier.

I Don’t Have Anybody To Train With

So? You can train by yourself. Yes, it might be a little scary at first. However, once you’re in the habit, you’re going to feel unstoppable. It’s normal to feel a little silly when you’re on your own. However, as long as you go with a plan and check out exercises online first, you have nothing to worry about. Just do your best with proper form, and you’ll already be doing better than 80% of the people in the gym. Plus, people are barely paying attention to you anyway, as they are focused on themselves. Training with another person is great if they’re motivated. It can really slow you down if all they want to do is talk.

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