The 5 Key Steps to Eliminating Visceral Body Fat

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1. What Is Visceral Fat
Body fat is a constant pain and a major factor as to why you aren’t in shape. To most people, body fat is classified into one which shouldn’t be the case. Understanding the difference is what will put you on the right track towards losing it. It is important to understand visceral fat as it is a monster that needs to be dealt with individually. The term Visceral means around organs. Visceral fat is the abdominal fat that surrounds the organs which include pancreas, liver, and intestines. Most people associate visceral fat with subcutaneous fat which isn’t the same. Subcutenous fat is the fat that’s under the skin which everyone has. This kind of body fat isn’t harmful and is present in order to provide body heat.

2. How To Measure Visceral Fat

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You can measure the amount of visceral fat in your body by running a tape measure around the circumference of your waistline, the belly button area in particular. Ensure that you do not pull the tape measure too tight or suck your tummy in. For women, any measurement 35 inches and above is considered overweight (too much visceral fat). Men with a circumference of 40 inches and above are considered to have excess visceral fat.

3. Why / Dangers Of Visceral Fat

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Unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is capable of putting your health at risk. This is because of visceral releases pro-inflammatory and fat fatty acids. Since this fat is so close to the portal vein, these toxic chemicals sip into organs such as the liver. This may further lead to complications such as insulin resistance. steatosis.
On the other hand, subcutaneous fat produces beneficial fat adiponectin and leptin.
Increased risk of diabetes (type 2), insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and heart disease.

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4. Causes Of Visceral Fat

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Some people are more prone to visceral fat than others. Studies show that factors such as
(a) Genetics- Studies show that some genes are prone to increased body fat around the tummy area while others aren’t. This also explains why some people are able to eat basically anything without gaining weight while others struggle with weight almost all their lives.

(b) Age- As we age, we tend to move slower and even lose muscle. This means that the fat settles in quicker than in younger people that are more active and vigorous. This age group is most prone to obesity and increased cholesterol (beware these foods high in cholesterol specifically) as well. However, it can be countered if you maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise right from your youth to old age.

(c) Hormones- Menopausal women are considered at a higher risk of gaining visceral fat than those who aren’t. This is can be attributed to the decrease of estrogen which leads to hormonal imbalance and changes.

(d) Birth weight is also stringed to visceral fat as babies born with less weight are more prone to gain a lot of belly fat in their later years.

(e) Lifestyle Choices-Research shows that people who indulge in high-fat foods, living a sedentary lifestyle, and high consumption of alcohol are more likely to have high levels of visceral fat. The trans fat in fast foods is normally stored as visceral fat so the more you indulge, the higher the levels.

The best way to counter visceral fat is by eating healthy meals which include lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetable, whole foods such as brown bread and of course, working out regularly. This will prevent further accumulation of this dangerous kind of belly fat and burn the existing deposits. The secret, in this case, is to burn more calories than you consume. This will earn you a leaner physique and decreased health risks. This lifestyle change may help you manage diseases such as type 2 diabetes better.

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5. How To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat

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The first step to eliminating this harmful kind of fat is by seeking the professional advice of a nutritionist. They will help you plan your meals and teach you portion control. Some personal nutritionists also go a long way in shopping with you and even preparing the meals with you just to ensure that the calorie intake remains low.

The next step would be to hit the gym. Before going crazy with the workouts, it is best that you let a fitness instructor evaluate you. They will take your measurements and prepare a workout routine for you. High resistance training is ideal in this case. If done correctly, the visceral fat will decrease. Incorporating a thermogenic fat burner in your diet will boost your energy hence better performance at the gym.

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