Weight Loss Alpine Ice Hack: Real Or Fraud? Know Details!

weight loss alpine ice hack

Open up any TikTok video and you will find attractive claims – ‘Lose weight really fast!!’ ‘Melt away belly fat’ ‘Flush pounds of belly fat every day!!’ – all for the so-called: weight loss alpine ice hack!! Click on any of the links, and you will see a revelation – a glass of ice sprinkled with a mysterious white powder that claims to be the new celeb ‘diet secret.’ If you find that gimmicky, let us tell you that it is! The ‘trending’ weight-loss videos are of nothing but a natural supplement, Alpilean, which consists of ‘all-natural ingredients right from the Himalayan Alps.’ 

As you scroll down this post, we’ll tell you more about this supplement, its benefits, the principles that it functions on, and its ingredients. We will also try to answer your queries, if any. Let’s get started – 

What is the weight loss alpine ice hack? 

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Simply put, Alpilean is a medically tested and clinically proven natural supplement that optimizes the core body temperature. As a dietary supplement, it eliminates the ‘additional fat’ in the body due to constant temperature fluctuations. Additionally, it addresses the ‘key, unexplained’ reasons for fat gain and reduces the chances of contracting obesity-related medical issues. 

The hack works on increasing your core body temperature and maintaining a balance. When your essential body temperature is low (cold), the metabolism rate slows down, and you cannot burn out excessive calories. This is precisely where the weight loss alpine ice hack – formally known as Alpilean supplements works to raise your core temperature. With temperature fluctuations, the body’s fat cells work more, thereby helping you lose weight. 

In the next section, you will get clarity about the core principle on which it works. 

What is the principle that it functions on? 

According to sellers and marketers of Alpilean – the new natural entry into the saturated market of weight loss supplements, a 2020 Stanford University study – states that, with time, the average body temperature of individuals globally has decreased. This has directly affected their metabolism rate – which resulted in an increase in obesity as a health condition (70 million obese adults in the USA). 

It is here that Alpilean comes to the forefront. This increases the total body temperature and targets the white fat (adipose tissue) to ensure that it breaks down to provide the required energy for metabolism. In this way, the body loses weight (additional fat), thereby resulting in a trimmed and toned figure. 

Till here with us? Then let us show you precisely how it works – 

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How does this weight loss alpine ice hack work? 

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The natural ingredients in Alpilean enhance your metabolism like this – 

Step 1 – Assists in dealing with low core temperature 

As you keep consuming these pills, your core body temperature starts increasing with time. It is only when it reaches an optimal state that the fat-burning process kickstarts. 

Step 2 – Maintains the body temperature at a normal rate 

As too low a body temperature is unhealthy, similarly highly high body temperature is also harmful. In either case, this helps to balance the body temperature, keeping it regular (37 degrees C/ 97-99 degrees F). 

Step 3 – Increase your body temperature steadily 

This is the step wherein the weight loss alpine ice hack actually works. After it has balanced your body temperature, then it slightly raises it to put the fat cells to work. When that happens, the result is the burning of excessive calories, which immediately causes an increase in metabolism. Thereby, you lose substantial body weight (fat) and get a toned figure. 

What are its benefits? 

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This ice hack comes with a range of benefits, such as – 

Using natural ingredients for weight loss 

Unlike other weight loss supplements, this one uses natural products (scroll down for the list) and hence maintains utmost safety standards. With no harmful chemicals, and minimal side effects, you have the best supplement to shed some pounds! 

Helps to maintain a healthy BMI 

A BMI >30 is considered to be obese (with respect to your height). With this natural supplement, you can control your weight (burn off the extra calories) and manage to keep your BMI within 30 units. 

Improves energy levels 

As you know already, when correctly used, the weight loss alpine ice hack improves metabolism levels. The body converts stored fat into energy and boosts the body’s vitality rate. Additionally, the ginger rhizome and golden algae components of this supplement enhance the energy production level. On the whole, this is both a metabolism and an energy booster! 

Enhances appetite control 

What’s the biggest hurdle in controlling your weight? Managing your cravings and moderating your portions! This is where Alpilean helps! It contains natural elements which act as suppressants, thereby reducing the tendency of such cravings and giving a feeling of fullness. This will help you stick to your noted dietary chart. 

Checks cholesterol and sugar levels 

The last of the benefits that you may derive from this weight loss alpine ice hack is – its capacity to contain both sugar and cholesterol levels. The components like turmeric and ginger rhizome control the cholesterol levels in the body, manage cardiovascular health and control the chances of an increased sugar standard. 

Thus, if you are looking for a healthy body, this hack (as gimmicky as it may sound) can be a fantastic addition to your diet. 

What are its ingredients? 

The key ingredients of Alpineal are – 

Turmeric root (rhizome) 

turmeric root
Image Credit: Livestrong

Turmeric has curcuminoids, which regulate the insulin levels in the body (resulting in the breakdown of fats for additional energy) and are fat-soluble in nature. Hence, they dissolve in fats, pass through the bloodstream, combine with proteins, and assist in burning calories. 

Ginger root (rhizome) 

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Ginger rhizomes are anti-inflammatory in nature, block the action of phospholipase enzymes, and prevent the breakdown of cell membranes. It also protects against the damage caused by free radicals and helps secrete bile to aid in digestion. 

Drumstick Tree Leaf (Moringa leaf)

moringa leaf
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Moringa leaf has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties and richness in vitamins and minerals. Thus, it helps control your weight and ensures the body gets its required nutrients daily. 

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Dika nut (African mango seed)

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An exotic fruit from Western Africa, it has a high-fiber content and is packed with fiber. Due to these properties, it keeps you fuller for a longer time, reduces your cravings, and regulates blood sugar levels. It also generates a process called thermogenesis (the body uses calories to generate heat). 

Golden algae (Fucoxanthin)

golden algae
Image Credit: Britannica

Alternatively referred to as fucoidan, this improves lipid profile in animals and plants (improves HDL – good cholesterol). For the record, it helps to activate the PPAR-alpha receptors(proteins on the cell surface), which regulate the sugar levels in the blood. It increases the sugar level in the cell, which is used further during calorie burning. 

Bigarade orange (Citrus bioflavonoids) 

bigarade orange
Image Credit: Gaia Herbs

The extracts of citrus bioflavonoids have been categorically known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They fight cancer and promote healthy skin and hair. Thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, it also helps flush out toxins from the body. 

What is the price of Alpilean? 

For the record, to carry out the weight loss alpine ice hack, you need to shed some cash. The amount is – 

  • Buy a single bottle for – $59 (delivery cost additional)
  • Buy 3 Alpilean bottles – $147 (additional delivery cost and bonus e-Books)
  • Buy 6 Alpilean bottles – $234 (free delivery and bonus e-Books) 

Out of these 3, you can choose any of the packages that are in tune with your weight management goals. For most customers, the 3 packet deal suits the best. Also, Alpilean has a refund policy of 90 days. You can also reach out to their customer support team in case of any issues. 

Are there any risks associated? 

Since this weight loss supplement is made of natural ingredients, its risks are minimal. However, some reports state that people have had eating disorders due to daily consumption of this supplement. No further reports have been made of this. 

Conclusive thoughts 

For all those who wanted to know the details related to weight loss alpine ice hack – supposedly, you have clarity about it now. Having said that, before you kickstart any such routine or go in on a trip with such a hack – be sure to consult a medical professional. Though it is one of the best hacks to shed pounds, your body must be in tandem with this. If you have any further queries, you can scroll down for details. Have you liked this post? Want more of such medical tidbits? Keep following this page! 


1. Is weight loss alpine ice hack worth trying?

Absolutely! It is based on a credible scientific fundamental and is an all-natural supplement. Hence, the chances (also the reviews back it up) of adverse effects are minimal. 

2. What do the reviews have to say? 

The reviews of Alpilean so far have been quite impressive. Many have benefitted from it, and the results have been noteworthy since it entered into the market. 

3. What is the correct way to take it? 

The correct way to consume this capsule is – taking 1 capsule daily for 30 days (there are 30 capsules per bottle) with a glass of cold water. It would help if you also concentrated on eating a balanced diet (including carbs, protein, and healthy fats) and working out regularly (you can try yoga as well). 

4. Can it be taken with other medications? 

Though it is made of plant supplements, but you may be allergic to some. Hence, connect with a doctor before starting the dosage. 

5. How long does it take to show results? 

Supposedly, as per reviews, it starts showing results within 2-3 weeks of you consuming it. 

6. Can vegetarians/vegans use it? 

This product does not have any animal extracts and is made of natural products. Hence, vegans/vegetarians can consume it. 

7. When should you connect with a doctor? 

Before you start consuming this pill, you must consult a medical professional and get your BP, cholesterol, and sugar levels checked. 

As such, there are no notable side effects of Alpilean. But in case you face any abnormalities in the body or cramps/pulls in the muscle due to this, you can always connect with a doctor. 


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