Couple Goals: Why Getting Fit Together is Best

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Working out as a couple is fast becoming the hottest new trend in the fitness world. It’s not just about taking couple pics in matching workout gear either! Working out with a partner, even if it’s your friend, has huge benefits. If you need more convincing keep reading to find out about the benefits, and how you can workout as a duo…


There are so many benefits of having a workout buddy. One of them is competition. Often if we do a workout or exercise, they only person were competing against is ourselves. It can be tempting to cut a run a bit short because nobody will know. With a workout partner, you’ll find yourself pushing your limits to keep up, compete, and maybe even impress! Time yourselves doing laps. This is better than racing against each other because you don’t want one person to win all the time. Have your partner act as your cheerleader whilst you run and try and beat last weeks time. You’ll definitely run harder.


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Unless you’re in the gym, and it has mirrors, it can be difficult to keep track of your form during a workout. Exercise usually isn’t about how fast you can do something, it’s about doing it properly. The amount of reps your do won’t mean anything if you’re form was wrong. Form is so important because doing exercises wrong could result in injury. Having a partner by your side they’ll be able to keep an eye on your form and point out if you need to adjust your position. Similarly, they can help teach you some new positions and exercises.

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Improve your Relationship

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This may sound a little bit airy-fairy, but it’s true. Working out together is actually hard work sometimes. It requires trust and communication. Being together, even in silence, is actually incredibly bonding. Having meditative time as a couple is so important. Check out some more reasons why meditation could help you here: 

Not only do you bond as a couple by working out together, but you have to coach and congratulate your partner when they need help or do something well. It’s a great way to come closer together as a couple, and get rid of any insecurities you have.

How do you Workout as a Couple?

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So we’ve already covered that running is a great couple exercise, outdoors is best. But there are a couple of other great exercises that involve twosomes.

Using a medicine ball is a great couple workout. One of you stand up and one of you gets in a sit-up position. As the person on the floor comes up into a sit-up, their partner gently throws them the weighted medicine ball. As you raise up again throw the ball back. This is a great ab workout as it adds some extra weight, and fun, to a traditional sit-up.

Push-up high fives are another good and grueling couple workout. It’s fairly self-explanatory. Get into pushup position facing each other. Then complete a push-up, when your back to your starting position high five your partner. Do as many as you can before one of you has had enough!

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