Ways To Prevent Dizziness When Performing Hypnosis For Anxiety

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Dizziness is a symptom of stress and anxiety that can be experienced at varied levels. It can be caused by acute depression, mental stress, physical pain, headache and psychological problems.

No matter what the reason might be, feeling dizzied for a long period of time can lead to serious health hazards and in certain cases can be life threatening too. The common signs of this problem include headache or the feeling of being unsteady, vertigo, nausea, blurred vision and difficulty in concentration.

Four Methods To Control Anxiety Attacks With Hypnosis

Remember, dizziness is a form of anxiety attack that can be controlled with the help of hypnosis for anxiety. For this you should follow four basic methods that include

  • Relax and get comfortable: Being with progressive relaxation by tightening the muscles for a period of 5 to 6 seconds and then loosen them up. Do make sure that you are not interrupted in any form while doing this. You need to stay relaxed during the treatment and it is suggested to remove all tension from your mind and stay in a comfortable way to prevent dizziness.
  • Focus on an object: When you get a sudden attack of dizziness then you may not be able to concentrate on anything. But give yourself some time, relax and then focus on an object near you. This can be anything, trees, balls, a pendulum; any object that soothes your nerves and makes you feel calm. Hypnotists never force you to concentrate on an object. They talk with you and try to find the problems in your mind. Then they tell you to concentrate on an object accordingly.
  • Repeat Positive Statements: Keep counting, and tell yourself how incredible person you are and picture all the positive moments that you have lived. You can even choose statements and repeat them so that the same can be recorded in your subconscious mind. During this treatment, hypnotists can tell you some positive sentences like you are a happy person and you want to live life without any stress. Through these statements, you can overcome your acute stress forever.
  • Pinch the back of your hand: When you pinch at the back of your hand, then you make the mind realize about the statements that you have told to it in the state of trace. This is an immediate step that can be taken when you are overstressed or are suffering from the symptoms of dizziness all of a sudden. This simple technique can offer a quick relief.
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How To Make The Most of Hypnosis For Anxiety?

Hypnosis For Anxiety man upset

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Dizziness can reach its peak within minutes and make you sweat, numb, chest pain, tremble or come up with the fear of losing control. So, the first step to make the most of hypnosis for anxiety is to know the symptoms and then act fast.

  • It should be noted that hypnosis might be a quick remedy to tackle the adverse effects of dizziness, but it can keep on occurring again and again until you change it with the power of hypnotherapy. For this you have to program your mind regarding the sudden psychological changes that elevate metal, emotional and physical complications leading to stress or anxiety.

Let’s say if you are stressed about your work then, hypnotize your mind by making it aware that you will be able to complete the work as planned and there is nothing to worry about it. When such sessions are conducted periodically then it can significantly reduce the chances of dizziness or stress and anxiety attacks.

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