Do You Need An Addiction Intervention?

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To the rest of the world, you might have a perfect life. You could be happy and healthy with endless prospects and the world at your fingertips. You might even feel like that too. But, you have a dark side, an addiction. Addicts come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of what stereotypes tell us. And, your addiction doesn’t have to define you. A lot of the time, you can go about your day without a care in the world, but sometimes, your addiction pulls you back in. If you’ve got an addictive personality and you’re struggling to kick a bad habit or compulsion, it might be time for an intervention.

Working Out

To most people, working out will be a healthy activity. But to a select few, it will be a compulsion. Exercise can become an addiction. Just like anything else when it’s taken to the extreme. If you’ve become addicted to working out, you may not even realize it. It can be an addiction is you get anxious about missing a session if you think about working out all day and worry you’ve not done enough – especially if it takes over your life. Exercise is healthy, but not when it’s done too much. You might be damaging your health by over-exercising, so it’s time for a checkup at the doctors and to get some advice.


For decades, most people have enjoyed watching TV as a relief. But, it can become addictive. If you get to the point of watching TV whenever you’re at home, or even when you’re out (tablets can be bittersweet), then you may need a healthy intervention to help you cut back. Watching TV isn’t good for your eyes, it can also encourage laziness and promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Limit yourself to a certain about of hours per day and get it down to next to nothing. Those box sets do not need you, your life does.

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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a problem. What might have started out as an experiment, or an innocent form of release, has now taken over your life. Whether you are highly dependent on alcohol, cigarettes, hard drugs or even prescription drugs to get you through your day, you’re going to need some medical intervention to help you out. Formal rehabilitation services like the ANA Treatments Centres provide could be what you need, but you may need to speak to your doctor to discover your options first.


Although it might not seem like it, you can get addicted to food; you can. Food is meant for fuel, nourishment, and enjoyment when in moderation. But, it can go beyond that. If you find yourself compulsively overeating, piling on the pounds and eating portion sizes that just get bigger and bigger, you need an intervention. You could seriously be eating your way to an early death, so you may need to speak to an eating disorder specialist for advice.


Spending money and rewarding yourself with big purchases can feel like a great achievement, but shopping can also become a compulsion too. We do it with food, but you can often find yourself emotionally shopping too. When we’re sad we shop, when you’re happy, we shop, when we deserve a treat, we shop. And sometimes it can get out of hand. Especially when the money you’re spending is not your own. If you’re in debt and it’s only getting worse, talk to someone. A friend, family member or a counselor and get the help you need to make it stop.

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