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For people with diabetes, keeping their blood sugar at a recommended level can be quite challenging. Controlling the blood sugar level is important to prevent long-term complications. There are several factors that affect one’s blood sugar level, such as carbohydrates, fat, protein, and the lifestyle we have.

That is why medicine for diabetes and proper diet are some of the efficient ways to maintain the sugar level of a person with diabetes. Apart from the medicine and food, exercise plays an essential role in controlling one’s sugar level. Doing different types of physical activities each week can help you maintain the recommended blood sugar level and provide various health benefits as well. Here are some of the lifestyle activities you can start to stay fit and active throughout your life.


If you have been inactive for quite some time, you can start being active again by walking. Start slowly by having 10 minutes of walking each day to improve your fitness first.

Quick Tips:

  1. Just like in any other kind of physical activity, warm up first before doing the walking itself. Walk in a slower pace for about three to five minutes.
  2. Then, do some stretches for about five to ten minutes to keep you stay flexible.
  3. Maintain a good posture. Do not look down on the ground, rather have your chin level and head up.
  4. If you are already used to your walking routine, try to walk both farther and faster to build your endurance.
  5. Make sure to wear shoes that are fit and designed for walking to prevent injuries and maintain your comfort.
  6. Stay hydrated. Make sure to have enough water to prevent dehydration since it can directly affect your blood sugar level.
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Biking is one of the greatest forms of exercise. To begin your biking journey, you can choose for either riding a bicycle or a stationary bicycle. When you pick riding a bicycle, you should have a beginner’s schedule. 30 minutes to 1 hour of biking each day is enough to strengthen and build your muscle.


According to health experts, gardening is considered as a moderate cardiovascular exercise. In fact, doing gardening for about 30 to minutes a day will help you burn up to 150 to 300 of calories. Gardening chores, such as digging, planting, raking, and weeding is effective body workout since it gets you moving and improves your flexibility.

Apart from being a great form of functional exercise, gardening also helps you relax since it reduces your stress because the calm and peace ambiance that the garden brings. Hence, gardening is definitely an effective avenue not only for improving your body health but for your mind as well.

A physical activity is essential to everyone, whether you have diabetes or not. It is beneficial for your overall well-being and enables you to maintain your blood sugar level.  Diet, medicine, and exercise go hand in hand in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, especially when you have diabetes. Follow the physical activities mentioned above to maintain a healthier and active lifestyle.

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