Four (4) Exercises You can do NOW on a beautiful Autumn Day

Four (4) Exercises You can do NOW on a beautiful Autumn Day

I’ve been sitting here looking outside the window today in the lovely Midwest US and couldn’t help but get the urge to get outside and start moving. If I am going to suffer through the angst of cardio today, why not make it an enjoyable session by getting outside and seeing the best that the autumn weather has to offer?

I’d like to give a list of my four (4) best exercises (or methods) that you can do today in autumn:

biking in autumn
1) Go for a bike ride.

This is a fun one, especially in the evening during autumn (just make sure to have a bike light and reflective riding gear for your own safety!), but it is also enjoyable during the day while watching the leaves change color.

I had to get to my mechanic’s shop, and so what better way than to bike there, pick up the truck, and then load the bike in the back to drive it home? Sure, you could get a ride to pick up your vehicle, but why not get out, smell the fresh air, and get some wind in your face on the bike?

TIP: for extra cardio benefit, assuming the bike ride is relatively short and pointed, practice bike “sprints” and then back off to catch your breath. This will give you a nice high intensity interval workout to relatively get your fat oxidated quicker.

child raking leaves

2) Rake leaves and run and jump in them.

Two things here:

First, who doesn’t DREAD having to go out in the backyard forest and rake piles and piles and bags and bags of leaves each and every weekend? We’ve all been there and although it can be tedious, it can also be a FUN and rewarding workout as well.

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Second, who doesn’t LOVE raking up a bunch of piles of leaves and then going and jumping in them? We’ve all got a little inner kid in us yet, even when we get older: so, burn it out and sweat it off by raking up the leaves as quickly as you can; and then, before bagging, reward yourself with a little good old fun via leaf pile-jumping!

walking in autumn

3) Go for a walk and smell the burnt leaves.

Autumn, for one reason or another, has the best smell in the air of any seasons (spring may be a close second). There is the smell of burnt leaves and the sights of the leaves changing colors on the trees. Get out there, smell the fresh air, and get a nice walk in as a bonus!

fall festival lanterns

4) Go scope out your local fall festival.

Most small towns in the United States tend to either have access to a fall festival or are close to another small town’s fall-fest. In any case, check your local newspaper and your local listings to see which fall festivals are around your area this autumn.

Walk around, browse the crafts, and reward yourself with some cider, donuts, or a craft beer. Whatever your taste may be, just get out there and move around a little bit: your body will benefit from the walking, the enjoyment, and also from keeping you warm during the cool crisp weather.

What are some of YOUR favorite ways of getting outside and getting some exercise in during the beautiful autumn weather? I probably only hit on a few of my favorite ways, but I am sure everyone has a nice past-time or tradition that involves getting out and moving (fall backyard football perhaps, anyone?). Let me know your best ways to get moving this autumn!

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