How Toronto Bootcamps Help Young, On-The-Go Professionals

How Toronto Bootcamps Help Young, On-The-Go Professionals

Being stuck in a traditional gym contract is often more stressful than it should be. Progress shouldn’t be a pay for the future kind of deal; rather, you should pay as you see the progress, as you sculpt that body you want. Toronto is a fast-paced town, never more so than now, and young professionals need innovations in workout models to keep a space with their lifestyle, which is why pay as you go fitness, like a bootcamp, is ideal.

Oftentimes young professionals don’t get to choose their schedules, and they may be required to burn the midnight oil nights in a row, losing money paying into a traditional monthly gym contract, when they could just as easily drop into a one-off class at a yoga centre or one of the bootcamps at Striation 6 and get the same quality of workout (better, in fact) on their own terms. And if bootcamps aren’t necessarily someone’s idea of a good time, there are plenty of other pay-as-you-go options to choose when it comes to your fitness goals, from yoga, cycling, kangoo, muaythai, and isometric training sessions, to name a few. They may not all have the immediate satisfaction and motivational vigour of a good bootcamp, but it’s worth mentioning that they all serve young professionals as well.

Bootcamp or otherwise, what you’re going to want to look for is a pay-as-you-go gym staffing professionals who are certified in their fields and who hold a passion for what they do. Don’t underestimate the power of a good, directed workout. According to one study, “weekly sessions with a personal trainer significantly increased clients’ ability to move upward through the stages of change in regard to physical activity… Personal training has also been shown to significantly impact cardiovascular- and muscle strength−related gains.” In other words, sure, you can go off on your own and try to put together a comprehensive workout routine, but a professional bootcamp by a professional trainer will most likely trump it.

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We all want to be at our peak health-wise, but few of us are determined and disciplined enough to achieve their goals alone. We’ve all been there, sitting in front of a YouTube yoga class, only to give up halfway through it because, hey, no one’s watching us. Working with a professional personal trainer is an opportunity to be motivated, with a confident, knowledgeable presence in the room, to achieve your goals. It definitely beats meeting your goals through trial and error—what on-the-go professional has time for that?

In summary, if you’re an on-the-go professional who calls the quick city of Toronto home, you don’t need the extra obligations of a monthly gym membership to worry about. Being healthy is a choice, and it’s up to you to find the best way to follow through on that choice. Toronto boot-camps help young professionals by opening their doors and giving them the tools and motivation necessary for their personal development. Undoubtedly, this is and will be making a major impact towards future generations.

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