Why and How your triathlon training helps your memory?

Why and How your triathlon training helps your memory?

What is Triathlon?

Triathlon can be defined as a multi-stage competition, which includes the continuous competition of three endurance disciplines. Triathlon mainly consists of three popular sports, and they are swimming, cycling, and running. The players compete in three different sports in immediate successions. It seems like a great game for a physical fitness; however, it is also very effective in improving your memory capacity.

When you hear the statement, “Triathlon increases your memory power” at first, you will find this statement a bit strange, however, when you do some research on this particular statement, you will find many pieces of evidence supporting this statement. The study shows that physical exercises have a positive impact on your cognitive abilities. It doesn’t just improve your memory capacity, but it also enhances your learning ability.


How does the triathlon training help to increase my memory?

Triathlon training no doubt is one of the toughest physical training in the world for athletes. You don’t just practice a single sport like cycling, running, or jumping, but you have to practice the combo of running, cycling, and swimming in an equal duration. You have to be perfect in all of these three sports. Your stamina must be high to take part in a triathlon, so your training level should be intense.

Now that you know how intense triathlon training is, let’s see why your triathlon training increases your memory.

  1. Normalization of your insulin

With intense triathlon training, you are very much likely to normalize your insulin level. The great thing about normalizing your insulin level is not only because it helps in controlling diabetes, but it also boosts your memory power. The research shows that diabetes has a very close connection to Alzheimer, so when you are prevented from diabetes, you are also reducing your chance of Alzheimer.

  1. Enhances blood flows to improve your memory

When Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist, was asked about how to improve memory, she simply suggested doing some exercises. Many were amazed by the answer, and they asked themselves the question, “how to improve memory with exercises?” Well, exercises don’t directly increase your intelligence level; it increases your memory power by improving various other functions of your body.

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Like all your body parts, your brain also needs enough oxygen and blood flow for a better functioning. And after you get engaged in triathlon training, you automatically increase your blood flow and oxygen level. Thus, this increment in blood flow and oxygen level results in increased focus and better cognitive functioning.

  1. Enhances Noggin

Noggin is one of the important brain proteins. Noggin eliminates Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), which is responsible for obstructing your brain growth. As you are to eliminate BMP, your brain will continue growing at a faster pace, hence enhancing your memory capacity.

  1. Lowers inflammation

Your highly intense triathlon training will be very effective in lowering inflammation. Your workouts will drastically lower the inflammatory cytokine level. This will help in preventing yourself from chronic inflammation and also obesity. These two have an adverse impact on your brain, and with regular triathlon workouts, you reduce the chance of chronic inflammation and excessive weight gain.

  1. Prevent and recover from arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis have an adverse impact on your physical well-being, and it also hampers your brain health. The study shows that rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can result in brain fog and brain impairment. However, your triathlon training will reduce your chance of having arthritis, hence resulting in better mental health.

  1. Enhances neurotransmitters

When you are involved in intense workouts, your body starts to generate pleasant hormones and neurotransmitters for keeping you calm and happy. Thus, pleasant mood means lower stress is eventually resulting in a better mental health.

Your triathlon training not only gives you a great physical body, but it will also enhance your mental health.

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Triathlon training is intense, but the hard works involved in this training do pay off. In triathlon, you don’t only become an expert in one sport, but it will help you to master the three similar sports, and i.e. running, swimming, and cycling. All of these three exercises are extremely beneficial to your physical as well as your mental health. If an ordinary workout can have an extraordinary impact on your memory, then you can imagine how much intense triathlon workouts can impact your memory power.

I hope this article has provided you with some interesting insights on how your triathlon training is not only beneficial for your physical health, but at the same time, it is beneficial for improving your memory too.

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