Best Surfing Places in Gran Canaria that You Should Try

Best Surfing Places

When summer is just around the corner, we’re looking for ways to get the most of it and gather new experiences. And, how else would you spend your summer if not surfing around the finest beaches in the world and free yourself from that dawning city vibe? Some would say that life is much better when you surf. Surfing is an alluring activity which can lead to addiction quite easily. Besides its numerous health benefits surf world is known to have one of the most friendly, cool and very chilled communities. The main reason why people get so fast addicted to surfing, it’s because as soon you’ve connected with the ocean, you can’t leave it any more. 

When surfing, you automatically put all your consciousness into it and focus only on the “now”. To paddle properly through the waves, enjoy the waves and get to the line-up, you must get in a deep connection with both your body and the ocean. Surfers may confirm that “when you catch the wild waves” there is no more future or past, but just a clear mental state and the present moment. Best Surfing Places in Gran Canaria that You Should Try-

Maspalomas (Southern Gran Canaria) 

Maspalomas is the perfect place for those who enjoy those beaches that are constantly full during the night. People gather, party and surf there during the night. The south of Gran Canaria is a place you should take into consideration if you’re looking for a way to gather memorable experiences. If you’ve planned to visit the south of Gran Canaria this summer you won’t regret it. 

You’ll be surrounded by enchanting golden sea such as the Dunes form Maspalomas, where many surfers believe it to be a surfing paradise thanks to the wild waves, the charm of the beach during the night and the impressive southern weather.  

Maspalomas is a must-try place where you can practice kitesurfing, paddle surfing and windsurfing, where you can learn new modalities due to the various surf schools located there. 

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Las Canteras (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) 

It’s the perfect time to get your board head to one of the best beaches in Gran Canaria. This place is known for its diversity when it comes to wild waves and beautiful beaches. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not try it at least once in your life. Most Gran Canaria apartments are located to the beaches, which can offer you an astonishing sea view and a delectable breeze you’ve never encountered before. If you’re looking to spend the summer of your life, then you came to the right place. 

Las Canteras is one of the most famous beaches in Gran Canaria, known for its back volcanic sand and its wild waves. No doubt that as soon as you get there, you’ll decide to spend much more time than you planned, given the impressive atmosphere and friendly surfer community. If you’re an avid to taste the wave of Las Canteras, you won’t regret it. The best thing about going to surf in exotic places is that you get to know people with the same philosophy of life, make new friends and visit other tempting beaches. 

El Callo (Arguineguin) 

This is another place where you can practice freely and enjoy the art of surfing. El Callo has to offer you, beside some of the wildest waves, the much-dreamed calmness of this virgin beach. Ideally for those who are looking for places hardly visited by noisy tourists. As soon as you get there, all you have to do is throw yourself on the wildest wave and enjoy the solitude of this alluring beach. El Callo is also known to be one of those hidden places that you’ll discover better with the company of someone in the area or a friend that offers to guide you there. Surfers from the south of the island gather in Callo a large part of the year, where they catch some of the craziest waves. 

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El Puertillo (Arucas) 

The northern of Gran Canaria is also known to be a great surfing place. Located in the municipality of Arucas, El Puertillo beach is preferred by many famous surfers and nice surfing communities. The place where both sand and rock emerge will make get the most out of your summer experience. If you’re looking for ways to practice your surf skills while enjoying the most beautiful sunset, El Puertillo is your place.

El Lloret (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) 

Located next to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, in the capital of Gran Canaria, will offer you one of the most exotic experiences. Thanks to its imposing waves, where you won’t want to stop surfing, El Lloret is the place where you should be this summer. Perfect for both families and those avid for surfing, El Lloret is the northern part of the city that attracts many surfers during the summer. 

El Fronton (Galdar) 

Why not come and enjoy one of the best surfing spots you’ve seen in Gran Canaria? If you know yourself to be really passionate about surfing or bodyboarding, you must try this place at least once in a lifetime. 

El Fronton is the place where you want to dare and surf famous waves that attract a big number of bodyboarders. This place will give you the satisfaction and excitement of facing the power of the sea, and experience the summer of your life.  

Surfers from everywhere come in Gran Canary every year to get the most out its wild waves and tranquil beaches. A reason why they keep coming In Gran Canaria is that they can find quiet beaches, nice surfing communities and locals. Some of these beaches remain untouched by the tourists during a year which makes it ideal for surfers to collect experiences and practice. Oftentimes this is what most of the surfers are looking for when they want to ride wild waves, and Gran Canaria is the ideal place

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