Rob Youells Does Not Know When To Stop

Rob Youells

Rob Youells is a man of many different talents. Starting from taking part in National body building, fitness and figure championships in 2004 to wining the category of Over 35 Heavy weight in 2014. Rob Youells has spent over 2 decades in the field of body building along with many other things that have all been a contributing factor to his success

Rob has dipped his fingers in many different things. He is known for his role in the band called “Generation Kill”. The band is a Heavy Metal Band and Rob worked for them as a drummer in 2014 and quitted the band in 2016, currently the band is carried forward by 4 members. Other than this Rob has had an expansive career in the big screen both o and off it. He has stared in a couple of movies followed by doing different voice overs for video games. He was the infamous voice behind “Evan Moss” in the famous game of Grand Theft Auto. 

Rob’s modeling career consists of modeling for big publications such as Vogue. He has also established a reputation as a writer by writing different opinionated columns and articles for famous body building and miscellaneous platforms. 

All this in a limited time, as of today Rob is 53 years old and still looks better than most 20 year olds. He is at his finest health and involved in several activities that have kept him up and running or dare I say “Benching” and “Lifting”. Most people at this age are deep in worry about their retirement plans or several health concerns. Rob never learned the word rest and is successfully living the life he dreamed of when he first held the dumbbell in his inexperienced hands. 

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