Energy and stamina: which food to avoid and which food to include in the diet

This ultra-modern rat-racing 21st century is exceptionally grueling for our body and soul. How so? It is so because, with the rapid advancement of this century, it also demands a lot from us. We all are tied to our job in a demeaning sense that it keeps us busy day and night. Also, to meet the luxurious of this century, we need to work more to earn the extra bucks.

So, the question is how to keep up with this exhausting daily schedule? The answer is straightforward. To meet this extravaganza of responsibilities, we need to be at the top in our energy and stamina. Only this way we can stay focused throughout the day.

Even for some people whose daily wages depend upon his physical stamina and energy like laborers, factory workers, or a little sophisticated like sportsman or athlete, you need to take extra care and give extra attention in keeping their stamina and energy at top gear.

Why should we focus on food? 

So, we learned that we need to be in top gear in terms of energy and stamina throughout the day. But the inevitable question is how to maintain that kind of power. The answer is, again, straightforward. All our energy comes from what we eat, what foods are burning inside our bodies. Our level of strength only reflects what we eat. That is why we need to be extra careful about what we are putting inside our bodies. So, to do so first, we need to identify those foods that reduce our energy and stamina and also those foods which boost our strength and stamina. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Foods that kill our energy and stamina:


Well! Though dairy provides us with a great deal of protein and healthy fat, the sugars it contains are prolonged to digest. Thus, it can upset the stomach for some people. That is why, before physical activities, dairy products are the foods you should stay away from.

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Alcohol is an obvious inclusion in this list. Why? To put it, you need your brain and nerves to be coordinated efficiently, alcohol or drinks only slows our nervous system down. So, if our nervous system is not at its peak, then how could you possibly think that you can be at the optimal level of energy and endurance?gry hazardowe 77777

Deep-fried foods: 

We all know that deep-fried foods are not healthy for our bodies. Why? Because it contains trans fats or saturated fats that are very hard to move through the digestive system. These facts are responsible for your ever-growing belly fat and obesity. So how can you expect to have a high level of stamina if you are not in proper shape?

Artificial sweeteners and soda: 

Consuming sugar more than needed in your body can harm your health. But it becomes more dangerous when it is soda where artificial sweeteners are added or highly sweetened fruit juices or another form of liquid sugar. This large amount of sugar turns into fat in your liver and also in your body. So again, it is a no brainer that excess fat in your body only caters to the reduction of energy and stamina in your body.

Foods that boost our energy and stamina: 

Foods that contain vitamin C: 

Vitamin C is the essential component in our body in the sense that it helps in strengthening our immune system and also keeps us away from cough and cold. Also, it protects us from any bacterial infection. So, to maintain a certain level of energy and stamina, you got to stay healthy rather than susceptible to bacterial infections. That is why food sources such as orange, grapefruit, lemon, or vegetables such as broccoli or capsicum that contain vitamin C are worthy of including in your diet.

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Foods that contain protein:  

Protein is essential to build lean muscle and body tissues. As the metabolic rate of protein is higher than fat so, a person can burn more calories in that case. Protein also keeps your full, so it keeps you from overeating. So chicken, fish, nuts, eggs are worthy of inclusion in your diet if you want to keep up your level of endurance.


As oatmeal contains a high level of complex carbs, it takes time to digest, so it keeps us full and also keeps the blood sugar at a sustainable level. So, it gives you energy throughout the day and maintains your energy at the optimal level.

Beans and green vegetables: 

Beans and green vegetables contain a high level of vitamins, minerals, and iron. Thus, it helps in the production of red blood cells in your body. The sole purpose of RBC is to carry oxygen to the cells of your muscles. So, it sustains our muscles and helps in building stamina. Also, vitamins strengthen our immune system.

Peanuts or peanut butter: 

Peanuts are the primary source of omega-three fatty acids. It is a food that contains high calories and also digests slowly. While omega-three fatty acids boost our heart and brain health, its high calories keep us full and give stamina throughout the day.


Banana is the essential food as it gives you instant energy. That is why sportspersons like tennis players or cricketers eat bananas in-game breaks. Banana is also responsible for releasing ‘dopamine’ which helps us in concentration and focus.


Beetroot contains a great deal of iron that helps in building stamina and also contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Both vitamins A and C help in developing and maintaining our immune system resulting in maintaining an optimal level of energy and stamina.

Apart from all these foods, you need to keep certain things in your mind if you want to stay healthy and energetic. The first thing is to have a proper eight hours of sleep. If you are sleep deprived, then you can never avail of the required energy to go through the day. The second thing is to stay away from stress. Try meditation. All these things in combination will certainly help in maintaining your energy level, stamina, and endurance at peak.


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