Want To Know How To Get Your Period In One Hour? Read The Details!

get periods in 1 hour

Suffering from irregular periods? Missed your dates? Also, overall you are feeling pukish and heavy down there. That’s why perhaps you are busy searching for how to get your period in one hour. Somehow or the other, the shredded uterine line must get out of your body! Well, for starters – you have to understand that there is no method to get your period in an hour or two. However, there are certain food products and exercises that will help induce periods faster – especially if you are running late, missed your date, or your dates are approaching.

This article will give you the specifics of the same. Let’s get through quickly –

How to get your period in one hour?

If you are wondering if there is a way or two to get your period in an hour, then let’s clear the specifics right at the beginning – there is no way as such to get your periods in an hour. Though there are certain prostaglandins or progesterone regulatory medicines that promise to get your periods in 2 hours, but – there is no scientific backing for the same.

However, there are certain foods (papaya, cumin, ginger, carom and fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, and parsley) and specific exercises (targetting the pelvic muscles and core area) that do help in inducing periods faster (especially when you are near to your date, or have missed it).

In the long run, to deal with erratic periods, you must change your lifestyle. Let’s understand in detail.

What foods induce periods immediately?

These are home remedies that have been followed for centuries to assist in nearing your periods. Let’s see –

  • Papaya

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You must already know of the benefits associated with papaya. What you need to remember is – papaya has carotene content that contracts your uterus and assists in preponing your periods. Whether you eat it sliced or have papaya juice – this will bring your period earlier than the set date.

  • Ginger

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As you already know, ginger increases the body’s heat levels, thereby promoting contraction in the uterus. When you consume this – either raw or as an additive in tea, then this amplifies blood flow in the uterus and regulates the menstrual cycle (induces your periods).

  • Parsley

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This herb has an old history of managing the menstrual cycle. Both parsley water and tea are known to have compounds that stimulate the uterus and bring about menstruation comparatively earlier. If you start consuming this a week or two before your expected menstruation date, it does induce menstruation.

  • Fenugreek seeds

fenugreek seeds
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A common ingredient in Eastern kitchens, one may consume this in a solution form – like fenugreek water or tea, or even as fenugreek powder. They not only help in balancing the sugar content in your body but also regulate blood flow – thereby inducing menstruation as per the cycle.

  • Carom seeds

carom seeds
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If you have heard of this and wondering how to get your period in one hour with carom seeds, then let’s inform you, the ‘one-hour’ timespan is not feasible (since nothing works that fast). However, if you drink the carom seed solution on an empty stomach every morning with a dash of jaggery – this will assist in regulating your menstrual cycle and promote blood flow in the pelvic area.

  • Fennel seeds

fennel seeds
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You already know that this seed is beneficial for digestion, but you would be surprised to know about its capacity to enhance your menstrual cycle. These seeds have phytoestrogen and thereby assist in regulating your menstrual cycle. Strain these seeds in water, or chew them as it is for desired results.

  • Cumin

cumin seeds
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Cumin supposedly has estrogen-like properties and, therefore, assists in regulating your menstrual cycle. Either strain cumin in hot water or have cumin tea 3 days before your expected menstrual date to bring it on time.

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Apart from the aforementioned food products, you must consume Vitamin C-rich foods to deduce how to get your period in one hour. From citrus fruits to berries to watermelon and mango – this is one of the most essential Vitamins for the body (especially required by the female body to aid in natural processes).

What yoga asanas to follow to get periods immediately?

For the unversed – there are certain specific yoga asanas that assist in bringing periods earlier than the specified date. Here’s listing them –

  1. Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose)
baddha konasana
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2. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Image Credit: Femina.in

3. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)


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4. Malasana (Garland Pose)

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These asanas though, in no way provide conclusive evidence about how to get your period in one hour – but since they concentrate categorically on stimulating the flow of blood in the pelvic area, therefore, they regulate your menstruation cycle and manage the bleeding.

Are there any medicines to help?

There are certain medications that help regulate the period cycle according to one’s demands. If you wish to bring on your periods faster – you may consume misoprostol or mifepristone. Some studies suggest they, that they help you get your period within 2 hours (though there is no proof of the same).

However, as an aware individual, as much as you may want to know how to get your period in one hour and try every medication – it is not advisable. These medicines are mostly anti-progestational drugs and are used to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Hence, they have side – effects, from nausea and cramps to uncontrolled hormonal imbalance. In fact, in the long term, it could lead to fertility issues as well.

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Always consult your medical practitioner before trying out any of these aforementioned techniques.

What must you remember for the future?

Though there is no such medication or process to get your period within an hour, there are certain lifestyle change remedies that will ease your irregular schedule. Here’s looking at some of them –

  • You must maintain a healthy weight

healthy weight
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Whether you are overweight or underweight, both conditions disturb your menstrual cycle. Watch your weight, and ensure that it is at par with your BMI. This is extremely crucial for having a healthy period schedule.

  • Try to be physically active

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A sedentary lifestyle is one of the key causes of irregular periods. You must include an ample amount of physical activity in your routine. Whether it is light cardio or a proper tri-weekly workout format – this will enhance your health and thereby ensure scheduled periods.

  • Watch what you eat

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Your eating habits are crucial for regularising your periods. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide you with the required nutrition and enhance the body’s natural processes. Hence, you must understand that if you avoid junk food (apart from your cheat days), you will perhaps not require to go about asking how to get your period in one hour since, in the long run, it will be regularized.

  • Maintain a schedule

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Lastly, you must maintain a schedule. Fix your sleep patterns and watch your eating habits. Reduce your stress levels; if not – at least manage them well. Chart out your day. When you have a routine, your body will automatically set into it, and this natural process will become regular.

Closing thoughts

Understanding that you have a fair idea of your query about how to get your period in one hour in the negative, along with some quickies to get it faster than the date, you will proceed to act accordingly. It is also important that you consult your gynecologist before you take a call regarding any of the medications.

On a parting note, one may state that rather than looking for such hacks, it is better if you bring about a complete change in your lifestyle – that would automatically and positively help better your menstrual and overall health. For more health-related articles – keep browsing this website.

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