Smoothies And Juices: How Healthy Are They Really?

benefits of colorful smoothies


Some people talk about smoothies and juices as if they are the be all and end all to health and fitness. While they can be healthy when prepared and consumed properly, they’re not all that healthy if you’re using them incorrectly. Read on to learn about this in more detail!

Not That Healthy: Using Lots Of Fruit In Your Smoothies And Juices

Using lots of fruit in your smoothies and juices can be delicious, but it really isn’t that healthy. Some people think that although fruit has sugar, it’s ‘healthy sugar’. This isn’t the case. It’s still sugar, and too much of it is a bad idea. It could be OK as an occasional treat, but if it’s all you’re filling your smoothies and juices with, you’re not getting the health benefits and nutrients you could be getting.

Healthy: Using More Veggies In Your Smoothies And Juices

Using veggies in your smoothies and juices is a better idea than using fruit alone. If you can use more veggies than fruit, that’s even better. Green smoothies and juices can be some of the healthiest things to drink out there. Don’t turn your nose up until you’ve tried it. Things like spinach, kale, and even celery can taste great in smoothies and juices.

Not That Healthy: Replacing Most Of Your Meals With Smoothies And Juices

Some people think that they should replace most of their meals with smoothies and juices in order to ‘be healthy’ and in some cases, lose weight. The body needs solid food to be healthy too. While you would probably lose weight from doing this, it isn’t the healthiest way. No doubt as soon as you started eating normally, you’d replace any weight you lost.

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Healthy: Having One Or Two Smoothies And Juices A Day

It can be healthy having just one or two smoothies/juices a day, as well as a couple of solid meals and snacks. Smoothies and juices can help you to get in lots of nutrients and vitamins, but they won’t give you everything you need for a healthy, complete diet. Maybe have one for breakfast if you’re always in a rush in the mornings, and one later on as a snack. Make sure you still have some healthy meals and snacks in there.

benefits of green veggie smoothies


Not That Healthy: Buying Smoothies And Juices From The Supermarket

Think you can save time by buying smoothies and juices from the supermarket? Think again! These are mostly far more unhealthy than making them yourself. They usually contain additives and things that fresh smoothies/juices don’t contain. They are marketed and branded in a way that makes you believe that they are as healthy as can be, so you should learn to read nutritional information so you can see how healthy they really are.

Healthy: Making Smoothies And Juices Yourself

Making smoothies and juices yourself is so much healthier. It can even be fun if you like to experiment with your own flavors and ingredients! This report from Blender Friend can help you to figure out what sort of blender is best for you. It’s always worth investing in a high quality blender if you’re serious about making smoothies and juices.

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