How a personal alarm allows freedom and independence for seniors

How a personal alarm allows freedom and independence for seniors

The feeling of being trapped and losing independence is something that can strike fear into anyone as we get on in life and head towards what could be called older age. Sadly, agility and energy begin to wane, and a more tranquil existence takes over.

The thought of others being worried about you getting on with things previously taken for granted like a visit to the shops or a walk to the park, not only affects those that care but any individual not wanting to spread concern. Unfortunately, there is an increased chance of accidents occurring, so a safe way to still enjoy life is required while personal pride remains intact.

Fortunately, help is at hand for those who decide to go down the route of purchasing a personal alarm after seeing them advertised on a highly reputable website at so that as near normal life as ever can be enjoyed for those living in Australia and New Zealand.

Immediately worries are relieved as friends and relatives will know that their loved one will be continually monitored and can call for help at any time. Once an alarm is activated, it will be answered at whatever time, or whatever day. 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring provides fantastic peace of mind and provides limitless freedom without any restriction.

A member of the customer care team will be waiting to answer any call for assistance and be able to designate assistance from their base at the centre. The thought of possible residential care is abandoned in an instant as safe living is guaranteed, as the fall detection sensors will immediately activate and prompt a response. Some tips on keeping fit after retirement may also have been beneficial.

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Two different alarm models are ideally suited for those who remain indoors or those who want to still get out and about. Both receive the same excellent backup from the customer care centre and allow independent living.

Those who want to venture outdoors can be accommodated by a 4G personal alarm which allows holders to call for personal assistance, with its GPS location feature allowing those waiting to assist, to know the exact location of where it is required. It is water resistant, ideal for severe weather or fancying a dip and enjoying community activities. It may allow wearers a visit to a leisure centre without any worries.

Those who prefer to remain at home are equally looked after when in possession of an in-home personal alarm. It is also water resistant and has a 100m range pendant that comes with it, so sitting outside in the garden is no issue. The technology provided allows it to be paired up with fall detectors or smoke detectors offering extra safety. 

There may be the possibility of an alarm being funded by NDIS meaning it’s a great way to enjoy personal independence for little cost. The alarms are easy to set up, with installations being carried out in minutes, allowing a stress-free life and freedom and pride to remain intact.

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