Top 8 natural strep throat remedies you have to try!

natural strep throat remedies

Do you have a sore throat with swollen pus-infused tonsils? Also, do you feel tiny spots on the roof of your mouth? The chances are high that you have streptococcal pharyngitis, you know – strep throat. It is that time of the year again, and despite all your consumption of warm turmeric milk and cinnamon tea – the strep is back! You can always take prescription medicines over the counter, but you can try several natural strep throat remedies. Most of them have shown positive results.

As you scroll down this write-up, you will get a listicle of the remedies and the specifics of using them. Please read the article well to get detailed information on the cure.

What are some natural strep throat remedies?

It is no secret that antibiotics have a negative effect on your body in the long run.  Hence, before you jump into the medicine bandwagon, you should check out some home remedies to cure strep throat. These remedies have been tried and tested for ages and are free from any side effects.

#1. Elderberry

The first choice while listing out the natural strep throat remedies is elderberry. It has been used for ages and is proven to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Many herbal treatment experts prescribe them for dealing with respiratory ailments.

You may consume them in the form of powder, teas, capsules or as syrup.

natural strep throat remedies

#2. Lemon Water

The connection between respiratory infections and lack of Vitamin C content in the body is nothing new. In fact – you must know that it has medically recommended that one must consume 1000 mg of Vitamin C to fight off an incoming infection. Also, to fight off an infection that has already affected your system, you must consume 4000 mg of Vitamin C daily. Lemon water is one of the critical ingredients to break down the mucous – containing bacteria.

You will have to squeeze half a lemon into warm water and drink it at intervals.

Some other sources of Vitamin C that act as natural strep throat remedies are – kiwis, oranges, grapefruit, kale and strawberries. If you can have them directly, that works. If not – include them in smoothies.

#3. Raw Honey

There is almost no respiratory issue that raw honey cannot solve. For the unversed – this is one of the most commonly used natural strep throat remedies. A study published by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine states that – honey creates a moist and thick consistency (almost like a wound) around the area and therefore acts as a protective anti-bacterial layer.

You may either mix it in warm water or tea and drink it 4-5 times daily.

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#Just for the record – This treatment is unsuitable for kids under 3 years of age. Also, the benefits of raw honey are not restricted only to throat infections but include a wide range since it can fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 

#4. Himalayan Pink Salt Water

Gargling with salt water is nothing new. Gargling with warm salted water is mandatory whenever you have a sore throat. But Himalayan salt has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, improving respiratory health. When you gargle or even drink warm water blended with this pink salt, it creates an alkaline condition in your mouth that is not feasible for bacterial growth.

You can take a pinch of this salt and mix it in warm water. Either gargle with that 4-5 times daily or drink this concoction at the same time to derive the best results.

natural strep throat remedies

#5. Echinacea

Proven to have phytochemicals, this immuno-enhancing herb assists in treating strep throat. The echinacein component of this keeps the bacteria and viruses from disrupting the cell functioning of normal cells. This is also one of the most opted natural strep throat remedies that you may check out.

You may take this as capsules or drink it by infusing it with tea and warm water. The anti-inflammatory properties relieve the swelling in the tonsils.

#6. Hot Sauce

This is another of the homemade recipes for sore throat. The pepper content in this sauce is high in capsaicin which is beneficial for relieving inflamed throats.

Add some drops of hot sauce into warm water and gargle 4-5 times per day to relieve your throat.

#7. Red Root

Are you surprised to see this ingredient in this list of natural strep throat remedies? For the record, this has antibacterial properties, which help to soothe swollen lymph glands and inflamed throats. Though it is not much in use due to lack of awareness, it is one of the crucial home remedies to try.

You can blend the herbal mixture of the red root with water and drink portions of it in intervals. Else, you can also gargle with this concoction.

#8. Marshmallow

This a flowering herb species which will provide you with guaranteed results. Add a few drops of this herb to a small cloth bag and place it in a jar of cold water. Leave it overnight and remove the cloth bag in the morning. Stack it up in the fridge and use it when required.

You may add a few drops to your warm or regular water and consume it at intervals.

What else should you do?

Have you got the answer that you were searching for? These are some of the most popular home remedies you can try to relieve your pain. You will assuredly get results. To enhance these results – you can add some other natural techniques.

  • Herbal teas are a great pain reliever. You can opt for – chamomile, raspberry, red hibiscus or peppermint teas and add a dash of thyme or oregano to the same.
  • You can swish your mouth with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and rinse your mouth. The ‘oil pull’ effect works to ease sore throat due to its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Throat sprays and lozenges also ease the symptoms.
  • Fenugreek or Licorice infused boiled water is equally helpful.
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What should you avoid?

You have already read the listicle of natural strep throat remedies. Keep using them, and you will soon see a change in your condition. Apart from that, you must avoid some other things while ailing from strep throat.

  • Avoid contact with people. Use your handkerchief or hands to cover your mouth and nose when you are sneezing. Separate your utensils and regular items from others for atleast two weeks. Use natural soap (say castile soap) for washing your dishes and kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • Wash your clothes regularly – with antiseptic if possible. Wash your hands frequently and use antibacterial soap for the same (must have peppermint oil as its constituent).
  • You must replace your toothbrush when you first get infected with a strep infection. Also, replace the same when you are cured to prevent re-infection.
  • Steer clear from heavy perfumes, cigarettes, and strong-smelling cleaning products. Use a humidifier in your home to keep the air clean.
  • Avoid food products that are hard to swallow (stick to oatmeal, smoothies, yoghurt, and mashed potatoes). This is not the time for spicy food or dairy products. Instead, sip on warm herbal teas and hot soups.

natural strep throat remedies

What if the condition persists?

Here is a situation. You have tried the natural strep throat remedies that have been recommended here. In most cases, they show results within a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours. If your condition persists beyond 72 hours, you should seek professional help.

The doctors initially run the Rapid Antigen Test, which confirms the bacteria within minutes. Apart from that – there is the Throat culture alternative to detect the bacteria. If detected – the medical practitioner mostly prescribes – amoxicillin or penicillin. To those allergic to penicillin, cephalexin is the alternative.

Apart from that – you must continue with the usual precautions.

Take care in the future

Strep throat is a very common bacterial condition that persists for a few days and makes you feel miserable. You will have a tough time with difficulty swallowing food, sinus pains, throat pain, fever, and chills. Also, if they are not treated on time, you could expose yourself to a vast orchestra of viruses that could cause immense harm to your body. Hence, it is best to try some natural strep throat remedies before you seek medical help.

You can check out this website for details if you are looking for more home remedies for different medical conditions. If you wish to share some remedies with us – feel free to leave your thoughts.

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