8 ways to avoid weight gain during summer


Summer is the time of the year when most people become a little lazy and relaxed about maintaining physical activities and dietary programs. Vacations and warmer months can have a hidden impact on gaining weight. Although summertime is great for our body to produce vitamin D, summer is challenging for those who want to lose weight or stay fit. Chicago`s best weight loss expert will expose those summertime weight traps and how to avoid unnoticed catching weight mistakes.

Soda, smoothies, and other cold drinks

On hot days, everybody seeks refreshing as in a cold beverage, cocktails, or flavored water. Fruit cocktails and most bottled drinks also contain large calories and sugar values. Instead, choose 100% fruit juice diluted with water, or clear water with sliced cucumber. Add herbals, squeezed lemon or lime, in cold water or drink unsweetened ice tea.


Summertime is great for socializing outdoor. Gathering with friends often includes alcohol and junk food. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages in social gatherings, because of calorie values in liquours. Cocktails are particularly heavy on calories, so prefer wine and beer if necessary.


Outdoor social gatherings often include a barbecue. Beef, sausages, pork, ribs, and other meat high in fat contain lots of calories and sodium. Restrict your meal size and avoid topping burgers with cheese and substitute it with fresh tomato, cucumber, or lettuce. 

Also, you can prepare your healthy food and bring and share. This way you can maintain your proper diet.

Apprehend the advantage of fresh seasoning fruits and vegetables available in the summer months.

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On holidays people withdraw from their exercise routines. It’s healthy to take time off from your workout program but try to keep the balance. Summer mornings and evenings are a great time for walking, practicing outdoor sports activities, swimming, or water aerobics. Try to have movement or any physical activity daily. 

Summer salads

While summer salads are full of fresh seasoning fruit and vegetables, this low-calorie meal can easily become calorie saturated. While preparing your light, refreshing meal, avoid toppings and dressing that can add calories without noticing. Mayonnaise, cheese, syrups, and refined flour pasta are fat loaded. 

Refreshing desserts

Ice cream is the first thing most of us think of when it comes to summer. It is a sweet and refreshing way to cold out. Rich with sorbet, added sugar, peanut butter, chocolate, almond, whipped cream, and other calorie and sugar-saturated ingredients.

Summer festival Food

Carnivals and fairs are full of summer treats. As they appear delicious, they hide a heavy-calorie arsenal. Besides fried doughs and hot dogs, fried vegetables such as corn dog and fried onions are calorie loaded almost equally. If you decide to indulge in fair food, after all, attempt to make a balance by choosing water instead of sugary drinks, and hot souce instead of white.

Lack of sleep

During the summer with increased daylight, people tend to sleep less. Sleep deprivation increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone affects sugar cravings, swelling, and weight gain. Provide yourself with enough sleep and rest to maintain health and weight.

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Final Thoughts

Obtaining your weight while enjoying summer food is possible. The key is moderation and balance. Take time to be active in water sports or outside activities such as hiking or biking, while savoring seasonal food.


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