5 Healthy Ways of Dealing With Anger Issues

Anger Issues

Human as we are, we are bound to react to things that cause distress, inconvenience, or harm to our lives. However, it becomes a problem when even the littlest things make us lose our temper. When we lose control of our anger, we could hurt other people’s feelings or resort to violent actions that will only make things worse. While it’s normal to flare up, it’s still important to learn how to keep our cool. If you are dealing with anger issues, here are a few healthy ways to keep your temper in check.

  1. Practice deep breathing

Considered the most basic relaxation method, deep breathing helps you keep calm when things aren’t going your way. If you are stuck in traffic or handling a tense meeting, you might as well do this than resort to road rage. Slowly close your eyes and loosen up your muscles. Take a slow breath and draw in as much air through your nose as you can. Keep it in for at least three seconds and let it all out in one big exhale. This simple technique is guaranteed to put you in a more relaxed state where you can think more clearly. 

  1. Go for a walk or jog

Exercise is an effective stress reliever. It also works as a method of managing your anger. That’s because physical activity releases hormones known as endorphins that are associated with euphoria. If you feel as though you are about to explode, wear your favorite sneakers and go for a brisk walk around town. You can also try jogging early in the morning. Turning this into a daily routine should help lighten your mood and prepare you for the day. 

  1. Keep a journal
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Explosive anger can cause you to say and do things that will harm others, including family members and friends who are not the subject of your anger. Instead of venting your frustrations on them, consider writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. It’s a harmless way to blow off and it’s also an opportunity to be more mindful of how you think and feel. 

  1. Use CBD oil

Another way you can deal with anger issues is to take cannabidiol or CBD oil. In addition to being an effective way to treat chronic stress, CBD is also known to reduce aggressive behavior. It activates pleasure hormones that affect how we respond emotionally and physically to a stressful situation. Before you consider this type of treatment, ask your doctor about using CBD flowers and other products as a coping mechanism. 

  1. Do what makes you happy

If your anger makes you feel miserable, the best way to counter it is to do something you enjoy. As long as it’s a healthy hobby that doesn’t harm others, the activity gives you the opportunity to pause and enjoy living in the moment. After all, problems are temporary, but there are simple things in life such as gardening or fishing you can always fall back on when things aren’t going your way. 

You can’t control every situation that triggers your anger, but you can do something with the negative feelings you have without destroying yourself. Follow these tips for a calmer and more  tranquil life. 


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