Truths and lies: Does sex make you thin?

sex make you thin

Few people are unaware that sex is a healthy activity for human beings. Practising it on a regular basis can positively affect the body and, indirectly, help to lose weight. Therefore, sex does help to burn calories but does sex make you thin?, for the simple fact that it is a physical activity, in which the heart is accelerated, the muscles work. And it also helps to secrete endorphins and serotonin, something that benefits people’s mental state. 

How does sex help you lose weight or does sex make you thin?

As mentioned above, sex is still a physical activity, and therefore a large number of calories are burned during sex. Obviously, calorie burning will depend on how it is practised and for how long, which will be the key to burn more or less calories, and therefore to lose more or less weight but is not a fast way to get skinny.

For example, a Bangalore escort service  is very likely to have a high calorie burn due to the fact that she will most likely have sex on a regular basis.

Another very important factor in the amount of calories burned during sex is the weight and size of the person. A large, muscular person, for example, will burn much more calories than a slim individual with little muscle. 

In spite of the variations in the burning of calories due to all the causes mentioned above, it is possible to make an approximate calculation of what a person with normal physical conditions can burn in a standard sexual intercourse. The approximations are as follows:

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300 calories per sexual intercourse + 50 calories per orgasm.

Benefits of sex, beyond weight loss- sex make you thin

The most important thing about having an active and healthy sex life is not only the amount of calories you can burn, and therefore the help it brings to weight loss, but many other advantages, as many of the beautiful young escorts in Valledupar know. Some of these are the following:

  • Immune system: That regular sex can have a positive effect on the immune system is based on scientific studies, such as the one carried out by Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. This study concluded that regular sexual intercourse increases the levels of some immune system antibodies. 
  • Blood pressure: High blood pressure is a problem that many people suffer from, and can cause damage to health. Having sex helps to lower and maintain systolic blood pressure at appropriate levels. 
  • Prostate cancer: Unfortunately, actually cancer is one of the worst diseases, as well as one of the most common, and prostate cancer is one of the most frequent in men. According to a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, ejaculating regularly (about 21 times a month) helps to prevent prostate cancer in men. 
  • Anti-stress: Today it is increasingly common for people to suffer from stress, which can lead to anxiety and even depression if the problem is not tackled in time. Although the best and most advisable in these cases is always to get in the hands of specialists, one of the natural remedies to combat stress is sex, as it helps to release substances in the brain that stimulate pleasure and increase self-esteem. Maybe that is why the nice female escorts in Malta are always so kind and affectionate with their clients. 
  • Fight pain: It has been scientifically proven, specifically through a study conducted by the University of New Jersey (USA), that during sex, or to be more precise, during orgasm, substances are released in the brain that can help the person to increase their pain threshold, even in cases of mild pain, to eliminate it completely during the sexual act. 
  • Sleep: As we age, it often becomes more and more difficult to sleep, and especially to sleep in one go, without waking up several times during the night. Having sex before going to sleep helps you to fall asleep, and to have a deeper sleep. This is caused by the release of prolactin during orgasm, which aids relaxation, and therefore helps to enter a state of drowsiness that helps you to fall asleep quickly.
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At the end, sex is good for the human organism. However, uncontrolled and unprotected sex can also have harmful consequences, such as contracting an STD. Therefore, the best advice is to have sex regularly, but always in a healthy way and with as much protection as possible. 

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