Why is a relationship sleep hug so crucial in managing a connection?

relationship sleep hug

Are you someone who loves to sleep while hugging your partner? Well, sleep experts bring you good news! According to multiple pieces of research carried out on the relationship challenges that a 21st-century couple is faced with and the changes in dynamics from being ‘newly in love’ to ‘taken for granted’ – the bedtime hug has featured prominently. In fact, experts have been vouching for more couples to derive comfort from their relationship sleep hug once they retire to their bedrooms.

How precisely is this helpful? Is there any specific hug or position that could improve your relationship status? What does the clinical psychologist have to say about the same? What are some other ways to bond with your partner? This write-up will give you a detailed analysis of your queries and hopefully enable you towards a better relationship status with your partner.

Without much ado, then –

How is the ‘relationship sleep hug’ beneficial?

You have been hearing this term quite often, and now it is time to get to the science behind it. The ‘cuddle chemical’ scientifically referred to as oxytocin, produced in the brain when a hug is exchanged, not only reduces anxiety but also promotes feelings of trust, empathy and relaxes the nervous system.

When you hop into bed and get up close and personal with your one, the brain releases oxytocin – that calms your system and prepares your body for restorative sleep.

Thus, you will notice, in certain cases, when you are done with your relationship sleep hug your spouse, and perhaps falls asleep almost immediately. Not to worry! You have not turned him off in any way. Rather, you have directed him towards a peaceful sleep. If you are looking for more action, you will have to wait a little longer.

relationship sleep hug

Assuming that you have a bit of clarity about how a relationship sleep hug basically works, it is time you look at some of the other facets –

1. This hug improves the perception of proximity

According to a study by a reputed University in Utah, when a couple shares a relationship sleep hug before going to sleep and enhances the release of oxytocin regularly, then their sleep cycle gets disturbed on parting ways.

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If they are apart (for multiple reasons), their sleep cycle gets disturbed, and they may develop temporary anxiety issues.

2. When you sleep better – you are in tandem with each other

Another crucial benefit of hugging your partner to sleep is – being in tandem with them. You know already that interpersonal relationship strengthens when the emotional bond is strong between the partners. An exchange of a hug releases the compound oxytocin and enables one to sleep peacefully.

After a tiresome day, when you get quality sleep, it naturally rejuvenates your system, and you are in a better position to support your spouse.

3. A hug can enhance your development and immunity

Multiple studies have affirmed the same. When you share a relationship sleep hug with your partner, it assists in managing your hormone levels and boosts your immunity. One may finally state that – on the whole, to maintain a healthy relationship, intimate contact with your spouse is crucial.

Now you may ask another question, that is, which is that specific sleep position that promotes intimacy? Is there any specific hug that sleep experts categorically promote? The next section will answer your queries –

What sleep positions promote intimacy?

You have better understood how a relationship sleep hug can assist your intimate bond. It is time to concentrate on certain positions (scientifically forwarded) that promote an intimate relationship between couples. These being –

1. Spooning

There are multiple types of this – from the basic to the loose spoon to the chasing spoon. Here’s taking a look at all of them –

The normal spooning or the casual relationship sleep hug that you might exchange with your loved one is where – one person acts like a bigger spoon and holds the other person in an embrace from the backside. It is a kind of sideways-hugging mode, and close to one-fifth of the couples sleep in this position. relationship sleep hugThe loose spoon is a format wherein the couple leaves some space between them as one of them hugs the other one from the backside. According to expert interpretation, this is a position that shows a certain sense of reassurance and mutual trust among the couple.

The chasing spoon is a scenario where you will find one of the partners moving to the side of the bed, with the other partner trying to hold him/her back. As the name suggests – in this case, it is as if one of the partners is trying to pursue the other partner. This kind of hug somewhat shows a sense of insecurity or a statement that the partners do not take each other for granted.

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2. Lover’s knot

This is another intimate position where the partners sleep face-to-face in an embrace, with their legs intertwined. This intertwining of the legs is specifically referred to as the ‘knot’ and depicts an extreme closeness to your partner. A study shows that almost 8% of couples sleep in this position.

3. Cradle

This is one of the common relationship sleep hug types that couples share with each other. In this, you will find while one person sleeps in a soldier-like position, the other person rests their head on their chest, inducing a sense of calm and intimacy.

This is not merely a protective posture but also has a passionate side to it.

4. Shingles

This sleep hug may have an odd name, but it is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions. Here, one person lies on their back, while the other partner rests their head on their shoulders. Going by expert opinion, this hug is a sign of confidence and mutual understanding between the partners.

5. Tangle

It takes two to tango, and you tangle when you move a little closer! Talking of this hug – this is an extremely intimate position, almost ‘just after sex’ position, where the couple sleep by closely holding each other, almost without a breathing space in between.

relationship sleep hug

Some other activities to bond with your partner

A relationship sleep hug or a cuddle before you retire for the night is a fantastic idea to bond. However, here are some other activities that you can carry out with your spouse to increase your intimacy.

  • Watching films/series after a long working day. Rom-coms and comedy shows take the topmost place.
  • Cooking together is a great idea if the couple wishes to bond.
  • Shopping for a home is another way to bond together. From picking up ration to choosing cutlery and cushions together can help in improving your understanding and better your bond over time.

The bottom line

If you have not yet tried this relationship sleep hug with your spouse, it is time you try it now. As mentioned above, the benefits of this have been scientifically promoted, and you, too, can try this out with your spouse to enhance your intimacy levels. This is a developing story, and we will update you further on what the scientists have to say. Keep watching this space for more!

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