How to prepare for climate change disaster for the upcoming generation?

If the barrage of earthquakes, fatal 2021-heat dome, epic snowstorms, apocalyptic forest fires, and the petrifying IPCC Report of 2021 did not really convince you – here’s the truth upfront – Climate Change is here! Greta Thunberg wasn’t just shouting her lungs out; it was going to be worse than what scientists predicted. The US reservoirs are drying out faster than ever, and the global food crisis is not making things any easier. Under such terrifying scenarios, how to prepare for climate change that you will be bracing?

The countries are doing their bit (though very slowly) – but it is time that you protect your future generation from facing the worst. This write-up will give you a brief outline of the domestic issues that have cropped up already, an understanding of the same, and some strategies to help cope with this true catastrophic occurrence.

How to prepare for climate change at a domestic level?

The countries from Cop26 to the IPCC Reports to hailing the Copenhagen mandate are doing it all to keep climate change in control. However, there’s one area that is perhaps lagging behind – what, as individuals, are we doing?

In this section, you will get to see the vulnerabilities that every household faces and the areas that they may try to work in to prepare for the consequences of climate change.

Let’s see –

What are the issues that a domestic household is facing?

The key issue is the energy crisis and skyrocketing energy bills that are raising the living costs out of the roof (Britain is currently fighting the worst energy crisis). Following this are the related issues of – inflation, food crisis, academic stagnation, unemployment (global mass layoffs are happening), and rising violence at multiple levels.

In fact, at every level, you will find something or the other connected to the upcoming climate change at multiple levels. Having noted that it is crucial we understand the vulnerabilities of climate change and decide how to prepare for climate change accordingly.

how to prepare for climate change

What are the vulnerabilities?

There are multiple areas associated with climate change that one may term to be vulnerable. However, when speaking of limited space – the biggest vulnerability is associated with kids and women. Physically, and in most cases economically, they are dependent – which makes them increasingly vulnerable to the upcoming climate issues.

Noting that, as individuals, we need to think of the future and prepare our next generation in a manner where they have the basic ability to stand up against the harsh realities of climate change.

What can you teach your children?

There are a couple of things that you may teach your children to help them respond well to how to prepare for climate change.

1. Energy conservation

This is one of the first things to start with. The issue of the energy crisis has been haranguing the world for decades now. Excessive usage of electronic gadgets and the world working in digital mode has inconsistently led to the depletion of energy resources and exponential growth in prices.

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With the current generation fighting this issue, there’s no respite even for the future generation since the struggle continues. There are alternate modes of energy, such as solar energy or hydropower energy – but in all these cases, the sources are limited and not acceptable in every scenario.

However, you will need to teach your children to find out ways to conserve the traditional format of energy, save fossil fuels, and opt for as much as possible natural forms of energy by accessing direct sunlight or looking out for alternative modes – solar and hydropower as much as possible.

Another way to save energy is to switch to better alternatives. Go in for replacing a regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent LED light that will inevitably reduce the energy cost by $10-20/annually.

Apart from this, switching off the electronic devices when not in use, operating cleaning devices till they are loaded, adjusting the thermostat temperature at a minimum of 2 degrees up and down, and rather than constantly using hot water – opting for lukewarm or cold water for ‘non-important tasks’ is another way to prepare for climate change.

how to prepare for climate change

The more you cut down on the usage of traditional forms of energy, the more you save pounds of carbon dioxide and help push the world environment to a cleaner format.

2. Sustainable solutions to problems

To answer how to prepare for climate change and figure out another way is – to opt for sustainable solutions to problems. From clothes to goods to gadgets, it is time to ‘re-use’ things rather than ‘buy brand-new things.’

Many people have not realized with time that buying new products only in the name of fashion or picking them up to be in tandem with time has not yielded any positive results.

Rather, you need to pick up those goods that have a long-term sustainable future and are the requirement of the moment.

Topping the list of products include – replacing plastics with jute products, opting for re-using clothes that are not used as dusters, recycling household waste products, designing goods that step up the sustainable format, and restricting the usage of electricity to specific cases are merely some of the instances that one may try as a form of problem-solution.

3. Knowing the art of adaptability

How to prepare for climate change? Knowing and adopting the art of adapting to any and every lifestyle is the key to success. From creating shaded areas for cooling to reusing bath water for other purposes to creating houses that sustain the extreme effects of climate-related disruption to figuring out long-term solutions for bettering the personal space and the community on the whole – when you understand the need to adopt a humble lifestyle, you will adapt to it in the best manner, thereby saving the hurdles of climate change in the future.

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4. Avoiding artificial products

As soon as you give up on artificial products, you are immediately cutting down on a huge number of carbon dioxide emissions, loss of artificial coloring, and usage of artificial – fertilizers (their run-time of helping the agriculture process has worn out) and taking a step towards a better environment.


How can AI help us prepare for climate change?

With Google Bard and ChatGPT taking the world by storm and surely causing some economic losses (job cuts in multiple sectors have started with ChatGPT’s assistance), one wonders how to prepare for climate change with AI for the company. We will discuss the facets here –

We are looking at –

  • Climate change is becoming a disruptor for multiple businesses.
  • The global scenario requires climate insights at granular levels for empowering stakeholders to ensure a data-driven modus operandi

In such circumstances, you need to comprehend and check out how AI can be used to enable a system of predictive modeling and create early-warning systems for enabling less loss and higher profits in hindsight.

It is no secret that close to 3.6 billion people live in high-risk disaster-prone areas.

Post Covid-19 pandemic, the risks have increased potentially. Therefore, you will require to leverage AI technologies to get early predictions regarding upcoming disasters to prepare the forces completely.

Some of the ranges of benefits that AI models have accorded in current times are –

The European Space Agency has brought forth the Destination Earth program – which aims to create an AI model that will predict the areas of climate interference with human actions.

How to prepare for climate change is a query that even scientists are baffled with. Hence, they are looking to leverage AI models to understand the impacts on wildlife. From identifying risk protection areas to planning for sustainable options – the extent of AI is wide.

If we speak at a domestic level – technologies are coming up wherein domestic and formal office spaces will also be able to use AI to maintain the heat levels in your home, reduce the usage of computers and, on the whole, reduce the work levels. In fact, multiple resources with proof have claimed that – AI could well be a part of your domestic sustainable solutions and reduce your energy bills by 25%. Also, most of these AI services are cloud-based and operate in a wider area. You may reduce not only the energy costs of your home but for the residential complex you reside in.

Wrapping up

Thus, one may conclude by stating that as pertinent as the query of how to prepare for climate change is – what is more crucial is working on the tangible aspects that one can control. Simply knowing the vulnerabilities is not good enough, and working on them collectively to the point of salvaging something is the key to success. If you like – you could leave some tips and tricks to deal with climate change. Also, do share this page with your peers and keep following this website to stay updated on related matters.

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