How to tie an infinity scarf? Top 10 fashionable ways!

How to tie an infinity scarf

Infinity scarves had rocked the ramp back in the 2010s. Celebs wore it, and models catwalked in it. For commoners, it was a new trend to add to our usual clothing. Then one day it vanished into thin air! Several years later, infinity scarves have made a comeback. From first-hand instances, it looks like, they are here to stay. If you missed out on tying them previously, now it is time to try them on. Here are some tips on how to tie an infinity scarf right from the diary of a fashionista!

We have curated this article keeping in mind the current trends. Also, we have added some DIY tricks and tips to accessorize them for every occasion. Here we present the same to you –

How to tie an infinity scarf for workdays?

When you have to meet deadlines at work, looking fashionable is the last thing on your mind. But when you have an infinity scarf with you, there’s not much to worry about. Tie it on your top, bow it up for a sudden conference, and belt it right for a tough day at your office – this one will never let you down. So, here’s how to tie an infinity scarf quickly on dreaded Mondays –

1. The classic type

There’s nothing like a classic type when it comes to tying scarves. This implies you wear it just as the name suggests – like a scarf. If it is a normal-length infinity scarf, you can simply start from left to right and single it around your neck.

For any regular-length infinity scarf – you can also try to start from the left, and when you are done wrapping once, choose one dangling end of the scarf and pull through the initial wrap to create a loop-like structure.

#Wear your usual trinkets to complete the look. 

2. Layered loop

The layered loop is a style that works for every look. Whether you are in your business suit or just the usual formal shirt-skirt look, you could always layer your scarf into loops. Do you want to know how to tie an infinity scarf in a layered loop?

Take the scarf and place it around your neck so that both sides are equal. Take the left side and wrap it around your neck loosely. Do the same with your right side. Follow this same process once more for each side and you will see a double-layer forming.

#We suggest you wear stud earpieces with this outlook to enhance the scarf’s features. 

How to tie an infinity scarf

3. Shoulder wrap

Just in case, you can manage to squeeze some time out of your busy schedule, you could check out how to tie an infinity scarf like a shoulder wrap. A knitted scarf is the best option here, but you may choose a normal infinity scarf as well.

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Start by looping up your scarf in double knots (follow the above-mentioned technique for the same). Now, try to wear it like a top, over your head, and pull down the fabric to your shoulders. To make it look more like an off-shoulder add-on to your existing formal wear, you must push the top portion of the scarf down.

A little more experimental? Pull up one end of the top to your neck and let the other end slide down a little below your shoulder. Voila!! You are good to command in style!

#For this we would suggest, statement earrings to complete the formal look.

4. Traditional type with a belt

This could be the easiest format you could try on a work-weekday. Get your scarf, toss it around your neck, let it hang loose, and find a thin brown or black belt to belt it up. To add charm to the look – you could double-loop the belt.

#If you are not having a bad hair day, just let your hair loose with a middle parting, take two strands from each end and lock it with a clip behind. Wear a simple neckpiece and basic studs to complete your office look. 

5. Scarf it up like a bow

If you are here looking for how to tie an infinity scarf – the bow style will always put your fashion game up! Start by folding the scarf into a triangular shape and hold the folded corner of the scarf under your chin, while the two ends of the scarf are kept behind your neck. Now, cross the ends before you and tie them into a knot. To secure this knot, take the loose ends, wrap them around your neck and pull the ends through this loop.

When you pull the knot tightly, you will automatically see the bow forming and adjust the ends to meet your requirements.

#We would suggest tying your hair up and pairing your ears with a simple stud. 

How to tie an infinity scarf like a top?

For all those who are bored of the regular shirt-scarf combination, you can singularly use the infinity scarf as a top and pair it up with danglers to ace the look. Here are some tips on how to tie an infinity scarf quite like a top –

Cowl neck top

You need to take your infinity scarf and form a rectangular shape out of it. Then you must take the corners of the scarf, where the fold is at the widest, and tie the same behind your neck. With the remaining corners, you can tie them behind your back, and you are ready to rock the shirt look!

#The no-jewelry look with open hair is the most opted style statement. 

Bustier top

There’s nothing sexier than a bustier top. What’s better if that’s with your scarf? Here are some tips on how to tie an infinity scarf like a bustier –

You will have to fold the scarf in a way that the maximum length is visible. With that done, you place the scarf at the center of your chest and bring the ends to the back, so that it lies parallel to the front. To complete the look, you will have to bring the ends before you and turn it into a sweetheart neckline.

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#A statement neckpiece will enhance your look like never before! 

A twisted scarf-top

Take the infinity scarf and hang it down your neck, placing equal sides on each end. Take the hanging sides and twist them three-four times. Take the loose ends, put them under your arms and pin them up at the back.

#Accessorize with danglers and 3-tier chains to enhance your look. 

How to tie an infinity scarf

Rock the vest-look

Ever wondered if you could wear the infinity scarf like a vest? We will tell you how to tie an infinity scarf like a vest. To achieve this look, you will require a scarf that is slightly longer in size. Initially, just double-loop the scarf, but with a bigger grip.

Wear a slip underneath and throw up your arms to wear the scarf. You will see a major portion of the fabric will fall on your back. You will have to pull this to the front like a hanging lapel and buckle it with a belt to complete the look.

#Again a top-knot with basic or no jewelry would enhance the look.

Wear it like a halter neck top

For those looking to ace this style – take the scarf and hold it near your shoulder blades just like a towel wrap. Now pick up the two ends of the shawl, and cross the ends of it at your chest. Go in for a double knot with the extra hanging piece. With the ends of the scarf that is available, bring it to the back of your neck and simply tie a knot.

#Go in for chunky jewelry pieces – from statement necklaces to earrings to rings. 

What to check before buying one?

Quite contrary to the regular set of scarves, you have a plethora when it comes to infinity scarves. Though the Romans used it more as a tool to wipe off the drips of summer heat, the modern fashion world sees it as more of a fashionable accessory. Therefore you will have alternatives such as – fringe cuts, ones with tassels, and even pompom styles!

Just for the record, check the fabric of the material you are buying. The regular options include – polyester and cotton. But when looking for variety, you will see fur, linen, chambray, jersey, canvas, corduroy, and faux fur to be a handful. Also, if on second thoughts, check out the list of brands and shops that specifically trade in infinity scarves.

It is a great investment

As we end this guide, we hope you have learned how to tie an infinity scarf. We sincerely wish you apply the tricks at the earliest, check out your look and update us of the same. If you have some tricks up your sleeve, let us know as well. For more such content, keep following this page.

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