Digital marketing for Local Business: 4 Key Tips to Live By

marketing for Local Business

Did you know that only 64% of small businesses have a website? If you want your business to prosper, you’ll need a website and other digital marketing strategies. And that’s especially true if you’re hoping to tap into your local market. Stick around to learn 4 key tips when you’re pursuing digital marketing for local business! 

  1. Local Businesses Need a Social Media Presence

Does your business have a presence on sites like Instagram or Facebook? If not, take the time to set up a business profile. Include your logo and contact information — and post every day.

Make high-quality visuals a priority. For instance, you can provide behind-the-scenes reels showing the process for your flower arrangements. Add pictures to introduce top fans or loyal employees, and, of course, post product pictures.

While you’re at it, offer incentives to attract new visitors. And always answer questions so that you can engage with viewers. 

 2. A Professional Website Is a Must

If you’re among the one-third of small businesses without a website, hire a web designer and get to work! But even if you do have a website, is it up to date?

Your website should be touting your latest products and positive reviews. Capture good images of your latest cake creations or pool installations, too.

While you’re at it, you’ll want to have an SEO-rich blog that you update several times each week. Provide how-to tutorials if you’re in the construction business. Or offer advice to homeowners on cat-friendly plants if you run a garden center. 

  1. Invest in Local SEO 

Local small businesses also should be working on their local SEO game. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of using keywords to get traffic to your website or other online spaces. And when you target local SEO, you’re using the same approach but to gain visibility among local residents.

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This is a critical strategy if you’re hoping to gain traffic for your HVAC repair business or car dealership, for instance. You can launch your business to the top of online searches if you optimize your website. Check the Ultimate Guide for Local SEO to learn more!

  1. Don’t Overlook Email Campaigns

Local business marketing should include email as a critical component, too. While it’s easy to assume that email is an old-fashioned marketing tool, that’s not true. You don’t want to send emails that will be easily deleted — and that takes some finesse!

Use website or social media forms to generate mailing lists that you can contact each month. Craft marketing emails that offer compelling subject lines with incentives or coupons. Avoid using long blocks of text, and use bullet points for added readability.

Introduce imagery in the form of banners or pictures that will break up the text. Just be sure to optimize images so they’ll load easily but still look crisp.

Get Digital Marketing for Local Business

When you invest in digital marketing for local business, you can improve your brand visibility. Build an updated website and create a presence on social media platforms. Finally, invest in local SEO so you can get the word out to residents in your area.

Learn more about how to promote your business locally. Check back for new marketing advice!


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