How does testosterone cause hair loss and ways to prevent it?

does testosterone cause hair loss

If you are above 35 years of age, there’s a high probability that you have been losing some strands every other day when you swipe your hands over your mane. Without a doubt – Vin Diesel and Andre Agassi look dashing without their mane, but perhaps you love your crown a bit too much. So, when you decide to figure out the reasons for this loss, testosterone comes up as a cause for hair loss. But does testosterone cause hair loss? The answer is complex.

Technically, there’s no direct relation – but inherently, there are multiple correlations. What does that mean? Is there any way out? Can you cure this issue? He and She Fitness will try answering all your queries via this digital write-up. Scroll down, and you will get to clear all your doubts –

Does testosterone cause hair loss – what’s the truth?

Apparently, testosterone does not directly cause hair fall. But, if your male hormone levels rise – then your DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) level may also rise. This will damage your hair follicles and speed up the balding process.

However, there are medical studies that state otherwise! So, what is the truth? In fact, a noted medical practitioner stated – “If associating testosterone with hair loss was that easy, then there would have been no discrepancy of opinions.” So, what’s the real issue? If at all – then how does testosterone cause hair loss? You will see that soon –

How precisely does testosterone cause hair loss?

Testosterone is technically a male sex hormone that is present in males, surely, but also in females. It is no secret that hormones affect the hair growth of the body, and it has a huge role to play.

When there’s an excessive male hormone in the body, that is, when the DHT type of testosterone accumulates in the hair follicles, it blocks the flow of essential protein and nutrients to it. When that happens, the hair starts thinning, and therefore – the hair regrowth cycle stops. When this happens for a consistent period, then it will cause male baldness over a certain period.

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For the record, this DHT testosterone hair loss is a medical condition noted in females as well, which causes a peculiar female pattern baldness.

does testosterone cause hair loss

Also, when you have low male hormone levels in the body or any hormonal imbalance – it will directly affect your hair growth.

How to know if your hair loss is connected to testosterone levels?

Assuming you have been reading this article well, one may state that you fairly have an idea of how does testosterone cause hair loss. But how do you determine it?

When there’s excessive testosterone in your body, including high DHT levels, your scalp hair might thin, but the male chest, arm, and stomach hair will increase. You might have inflammation on your scalp as well.

Another pattern you must note about testosterone-affected hair loss is – if for males, the crown and temple region of your scalp gets affected, it is the male hormone causing the hair loss. If in a woman, the crown of their mane is affected with the frontal area intact – the male hormone is the biochemical culprit behind this.

#Male Pattern Baldness – This starts with the receding of hair, ‘frontal baldness,’ and then it occurs from the top of your head. Over time, two balding areas meet and form a U shape all over the scalp. 

What about receding hairlines in women?

In women, there may be multiple causes for a receding hairline. Liver issues, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid escalation, excessive weight gain, and issues in the menstrual cycle are some prominent causes of hair loss.

How does testosterone cause hair loss in females? If present in excess, this harms the crown area of a female’s mane.

What are the types of testosterone?

You have complete clarity now about how does testosterone cause hair loss. But you may not be clear about the types of testosterone in your body from our side.

They are of 2 types – free testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Free Testosterone is not connected to any protein component in the body and is connected to receptors. The cells absorb this male hormone to perform multiple functions in the body.

Talking of Dihydrotestosterone is categorically an enzyme (5-alpha reductase) found in the prostate, hair, and skin. Since it is bonded to the hair follicles, therefore an excess constitution of it can cause the accumulation of excess nutrients and lead to hair fall.

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Does injected testosterone cause baldness?

Does testosterone cause hair loss if injected externally? As mentioned before, DHT is the biochemical agent that causes male pattern baldness (officially termed androgenetic alopecia). Now – if a person is genetically inclined to ensure that the DHT levels are turned off during the growth of the hair cycle, then your hair will become thinner with time.

However, for many individuals, the male hormone has to be injected formally to restore normalcy in the levels. In such cases, there’s technically no medical proof of hair loss caused by this injection. Again, too much of testosterone injections (advertised by many gyms and bodybuilding agencies) can actually enhance your receding hairline.

How to cure hair loss caused by testosterone?

When you have a grasp of how does testosterone cause hair loss, then why not look out for cures for the same? This segment will give you specifics of the same –

1. Minoxidil

This is a DHT blocker mostly prescribed for women with receding hairline issues. This widens the blood vessels and enhances the flow, which improves hair growth over time.

does testosterone cause hair loss

2. Finasteride

Now that you know how does testosterone cause hair loss, medical practitioners prescribe finasteride for most males. This DHT blocker binds itself to the alpha-reductase enzymes and clears the clots in the follicle, enhancing blood flow.

3. B Vitamins

This is one of the crucial vitamins that assist in the blood flow to the scalp and improve the growth of new hair.

4. Biotin

This assists in turning nutrition received from multiple sources into energy so that the hair follicles are nourished. Biotin also enhances Keratin’s productivity (another protein essential for hair growth).

5. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

To combat how does testosterone cause hair loss, one may opt for platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). This is a therapy wherein platelets are extracted from the body. Then this blood is turned into protein-rich plasma content and injected into the scalp.

6. Peppermint Oil

When you massage your scalp with a combination of peppermint and coconut or almond oil (carrier oils) every day, it will induce hair growth, acting as a DHT blocker for your scalp.

Closing thoughts

We hope this write-up gave you the answers you were asking about how does testosterone cause hair loss. With that, you can take action at your convenience and requirement. If you want more health-related updates, keep scrolling through this website.

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