Best Food for Hair Growth- Eat your Way to Healthy And Luscious Hair

Best Food for Hair Growth

Hair loss and itchy and weak scalp conditions are very widely prevalent conditions and impacts most people nowadays. Due to hormonal imbalances, pollution, and stress, most people today experience mild to intense hair loss. Thyroid disease, anemia, syphilis, chemotherapy, protein deficit, secondary syphilis, and low vitamin levels induce hair loss. Various medical supplements and hair products cater to hair loss. But, for an enduring and most effective solution, the problem has to be cured from within. People suffering from varying degrees of hair loss must include the best food for hair growth in their daily diet for the best result.

What is the best food for hair growth?


Protein and biotin are known for boosting hair and growth and are found in abundance in eggs. The inclusion of eggs in the daily diet promotes hair growth more effectively than applying it in the hair pack. A diet that is deficient in protein-rich foods may even induce hair loss. Hair follicles are made of protein, so consuming a protein-rich diet regime is a must for hair growth—Biotins help produce keratin, the hair protein.

So, people suffering from hair fall are advised to include biotin-induced food and supplements regularly. Consumption of whole eggs is equally essential as other hair-growth inducing superfoods.

One should not avoid the egg yolk and consume only the white part, as yolk also helps grow strong and best quality hair. Along with protein and biotin, eggs are full of trace minerals like zinc and selenium. Hence the list of the best food for hair growth is incomplete without eggs.


Spinach is a nutritious leafy green vegetable loaded with vitamin A, iron, folate, and vitamin C. All these nutrients help in hair growth and increasing the quality and volume of hair.

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Vitamin A helps in sebum production. Sebum is an oily secretion of skin glands and helps to keep the scalp healthy and hydrated. Regular spinach consumption makes up for more than 50% of Vitamin A requirement in the human body. People must avoid foods that cause hair loss and replace them with leafy greens like spinach for best results. It is the powerhouse of iron. Iron triggers red blood cells to distribute oxygen. This phenomenon helps in proper functioning and metabolism of the body and helps repair damaged hair and stop hair loss.

Citrous Fruits 

Vitamin C is necessary for the human body to make iron absorption easier, which is useful for hair growth. Therefore, one needs to take citrus fruits for the daily dose of vitamin C. It is the most vital and best food for hair growth, which you can consume in the form of lime, orange, or any citrous fruit. Nutritionists endorse that a lime daily is sufficient to avail the daily dosage of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also needed to create collagen, thereby ensuring unvarying nutrients and healthy hair growth.

Nuts and Seeds 

Omega-3 fatty acids increase the volume of hair. One must include food like Almonds and walnuts and flaxseeds rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids in the daily food regime for tried and tested results. Majorly all kinds of nuts and seeds are super sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and the best food for hair growth. Flaxseed oil keeps the scalp healthy and nourishing and promotes good hair quality.


Fatty fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids promote hair growth visibly.

Instead of consuming junk food, oily and spicy food, and foods that cause hair loss, one must replace the diet with grilled and steamed salmon, mackerel, and herring fishes.

Fatty fish is also the top source of protein, vitamin D3, and B vitamins, nutrients, and selenium, resulting in shiny and healthy hair.

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Avocados are the wholesome source of healthy fats and vitamin E and certainly the best food for hair growth. Regular consumption of avocado makes up for almost 21% of Vitamin E requirements of the body. Moreover, Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It helps to protect the scalp from oxidative stress. This type of stress and anxiety results while combatting against the disbalance created by free radicals in the body. Damaged and itchy skin on the scalp can result in weak and bad hair quality and lesser hair follicles.

Sweet Potatoes

Beta Carotene will convert into Vitamin A in the human body, and sweet potatoes are the former nutrient’s primary source. Consumption of sweet potatoes empowers hair growth as the beta carotene compound breaks down in the body to form Vitamin A. Roughly, a medium sweet potato weighing about 114 grams comprises enough beta-carotene to deliver more than four times of the daily vitamin A needs. Moreover, this is the best food for hair growth. So, sweet potato is undoubtedly the best food for hair growth, highly tried, and tested. Medical research has shown that vitamin A encourages sebum production, which aids in healthy and good quality hair.


Berries are jam-packed with beneficial amalgams and vitamins that may endorse hair growth. This includes vitamin C, which has strong antioxidant properties that protect hair follicles against damage from injurious particles known as free radicals. Doctors and dermatologists recommend to include fresh berries in the diet to ensure healthy hair growth, healthy scalp, and follicles.

Carrots- Rich Source of Vitamin A

For fast hair growth, the consumption of one glass of carrot juice has no alternative. This is the best food for hair growth as carrots are the powerhouse of vitamin A, universally required for hair growth. It also facilitates the scalp in making the natural sebum oil, which keeps hair and hair roots healthy and nourished.

The daily diet chart should include any best food for hair growth or a combination of a few of that kind to enable hair growth from within.

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