Top 7 fun bachelorette drinking game to try this wedding season!

bachelorette drinking game

Congratulations! You will enter a new phase of life, and we wish you luck and love for the same. Having said that – this is perhaps the last time you and your gang of girls will gather as single ladies to bring down the house!! You might play ‘Never Have I Ever’ like never before, but with a shot or two – the party can become much wilder than what you are expecting. So, here’s a listicle of bachelorette drinking game alternatives for you to choose from. Let’s reveal it to you –

What are the best bachelorette drinking game options?

Get your booze ready and set up the groups (if there’s more for the company than you and your maid of honour). The games are here for you –

1. Lick and Stick

Who can play?

This is tricky, and only an even number of people can play at a time. Start with 2 and then keep expanding in even numbers.

How to play? 

This bachelorette drinking game first requires a set of alcohol-mixed drinks or shots. Next, you will need players in even sets of numbers vs others or two sets of players if you are looking for some more fun.

Let’s get to the game! You will have to take up one card each (when there are two people) and lick on the decorated side of it. Once that, next, stick it on your forehead. BUT! None of the players can look at their individual cards. Instead, they have to see what the other person’s card’s value is and guess their own card’s value. Whoever’s card value is higher wins the game and can compete with the next set of players.

What does the loser do? Gets punished and has to have a shot!! You win, you get to compete – you lose, you have to drink up, and that’s how you proceed in this game.

When you have reached a higher position, getting all your guesses right – there’s a token gift for you. So, all set to kickstart your bachelorette?

bachelorette drinking game

2. Tapout Drinking Game

Who can play?

Let’s keep the number at 4!

How to play? 

If you want to play this bachelorette drinking game the first set of things you will need are – beer, 2 quarters, and shots. In case you are not much of a beer drinker, you could replace the same with others.

When you have a group of friends sitting down, two of them must sit opposite each other. Both of them must have a quarter and a shot glass each. Now both of them simultaneously must bounce the quarter into the shot glass. Here’s the catch! If you get the quarter into the shot – you win and pass it on to the next person on the left. But, if you lose it – well, you take the shot!

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Sounds simple? Where’s the fun of a drinking game, then? Read now – if someone makes it to the quarter at the very first chance (you can choose the maximum chances given to anyone – the standard is 3 for each set of players) then the player can pass on the shot to anyone she chooses! The other party cannot deny it.

The game continues till everyone taps out one by one. The one who stays till the last is declared the winner of this bachelorette drinking game. You see, slow and steady does win every game.

3. Bottoms Up Game

Who can play?

From 1 person up to 4 people can play.

How to play? 

You might think this is just another version of ‘Never Have I Ever’, but this one comes with more excitement! Ever thought there could be queries about some of the most intimate aspects? This bachelorette drinking game will provide you with some!

For starters, you will need a lot of alcohol for this game. Pick your poison – from whisky to beer to wine to scotch – and so much that everyone will have enough for a minimum of 10 rounds. Yes – this is going smoothly.

Now – set up a set of queries and dares (your time to be really naughty, it’s the last time you guys are gathering up – don’t stop). The bride picks up the chits, asks those who have done that thing or matched that dare and then for people who agree – its bottoms up.

Any plans for the questions??

4. Name That Drink Game

Who can play?

From 1 person up to 4 people can play this game.

How to play? 

This is simple – but surely one of the funniest bachelorette drinking game you can play out on the last day of your freedom! Bring out a range of drinks – alcoholic, non-alcoholic, Breezer, cola, soda water, cocktails and mocktails! Now you will have to blindfold your friends and pass the drinks around them. They have a time limit (30 seconds) in which they have to smell and taste the drink and guess the name.

To add a twist to this game, mostly try mocktails and cocktails where they have to identify the drinks, and if they lose – they perform a dare. Surely every win is rewarded.

You could also change the game’s rules by adding some food products with the drinks and asking to figure out the combo. Make sure the alcohol content rises from the bottom to the top.

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bachelorette drinking game

5. DIY Bachelorette Spinning Game

Who can play? 

From 1 person to a maximum of 5 people.

How to play? 

There will be a couple of things you will need here – a handmade spinner (you can try a DIY variety yourself), specific glasses for different types of alcohol, and a range of beverages.

Apart from the usual range of drinks, you could also go in for cocktails and mocktails to add some spice to the game. With that spinner, every player takes a shot at the spinner to choose her choice of drinks. With every drink comes to a question – you want the drink, you answer the question.

You don’t answer the question; you do not get the drink. Who’s the winner? The one who keeps on drinking and answering (till she gets drunk) is the winner.

6. The Lie Detector Test

Who can play?

2 people at a time.

How to play? 

To play this bachelorette drinking game you will need nothing less than a vodka shot here! Oh! And lots of lime! Draw up a ‘lie line’ and place two players on the opposite side of each. The question starts from one to another (it could range from daring questions to some intimate queries or to add a twist – you can go a little dirty at times).

When one party answers the queries and the other party responds, the first party has to guess if the answer is correct or wrong. The first party has to guess if the response is right or wrong. If he guesses right, the second party has to drink. If the first party loses – they drink.

7. Guess Who?

Who can play?

This is unlike the other set of bachelorette drinking game that can be played in a group.

How to play?

Get chits of paper and a bowl or a hat. All the guests sitting down to play need to write a secret on the chits of paper given to them. Once that is done, they need to mix the chits of paper into that bowl or hat and mix them. Then this bowl or hat goes around, and the players have to pick a chit and guess who has written the secret.

If the player gets the name correct, the one whose name has been taken will have to take a swig. If the player gets it wrong – then she takes the drink!

All set to play? Get your drink set right!

Wish you a great life ahead

That was the compilation of bachelorette drinking game options from this end. Pick out your game and enjoy it to the full. If you have some other games on your mind, do share them with us. Till then, keep watching this space for more!


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