Games to play with family- Best ideas to enjoy the summers indoors

Summers can be harsh, and staying indoors is an ideal choice. But, how long can one stay inside? The four walls can’t bind humans for too long, and the desire to step out would always be bothering everyone irrespective of the ages. So, in this article, we will talk about games to play with family. At times, staying indoors becomes essential to keep ourselves protected from the harmful rays of the sun. As we all know, being in sunlight for too long can cause severe skin related problems.

The harmful UV rays can damage the skin cells badly, and it can cause rashes, pigmentations, and also several other skin related problems. There are a lot of activities that one can do while staying indoors. Apart from developing new hobbies, you can also start playing with your family members. For people that are living in joint families, these games are not just going to be recreational or entertainment factors but, it would also develop a sense of belongingness. But, staying indoors always can make people lethargic and also make them feel depressed. Let us quickly check some of the reasons to play games with your family.

Reasons to play games with your family

  1. Bonding between the parents and children would become stronger.
  2. Parents would be able to teach the sportsman spirit to their children.
  3. Children would get to know the funnier side of their parents.
  4. Both parties would get to know each other better.
  5. It is one of the best ways to get rid of boredom.
  6. It develops creative, analytical, and reasoning skills.

There are a lot of games to play with family, and six such games are being discussed in this article. When you are staying indoors during summer, we are certain that the list of the games mentioned in this article would come handy to you. Let us dive straight into the list of those six interesting family reunion games indoors that can be played.

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Six games to play with family


Carom is one of the best games for families to have fun when they are staying indoors during summer. This four players game is known to be one of the most played games by everyone irrespective of the ages. Carom does not require any extra skillset apart from aiming the pawns straight to the pouches. Game and Pauper are the most played variations in carom. The rules aren’t stringent ad everyone, including children and old-aged people, would love playing carom. So, this is one of the games to play with family.

Board games

There are so many board games that can be played by the entire family. Some board games come in combo packs, and you can start engaging in playing all those games. Chess, Ludo, Chinese checkers, Draught, Snake, and Ladder, are some of the board games that one can enjoy playing with their families. Everyone would be able to easily understand these games, and the rules are not difficult either. Kids would thoroughly enjoy these games, and most of these would also teach them mathematics and analytical skills. Chess is one of the most intelligent games. If a person develops an interest in Chess once, they will get hooked up to the boards always.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is one of the best games to play with family. Some people might be thinking that playing TT indoors may not be possible. Well, TT boards, these days are made too compact, and most of the sports shop would have them. A 10*10 drawing room can be used to play this game. The net and the supporting elements required to play the game comes as part of the set. You need to just set them up on any table that you have at home. Some TT sets can be easily installed on the floors as well when you are playing. The rackets and the balls are also available everywhere. One can easily shed some calories as well as you play this wonderful game right under your roof.

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For those parents who would want to experience a different card game apart from the regular cards, UNO is the perfect alternative. Kids would also enjoy playing this game of cards. UNO is a brilliant game that can keep the entire family engaging for hours together. It is easier to get addicted to UNO, and children would love to play these games for long hours. This game can easily be played by 4-7 members at a time. More the people, better fun!

Treasure hunt

It’s quite interesting to convert your own homes into a treasure land. Create some amazing clues and keep revealing them during different times of the day to keep the game on throughout the week. This can be serious fun, and kids would go gaga over your idea. Make such clues that would boggle their minds and keep giving them clues after clues to keep them busy.

Riddles and puzzles

Riddles and puzzles can also be one of the best ways to keep boredom away. Get those jig-saw puzzles and spread yourselves on the floor. It is a recommendation to invest in both beginner, and complex levels of puzzles as kids may not be able to solve them. Spend time with your kids, teaching them how to follow the patterns, and arrange the puzzles. Puzzles are going to activate your brain cells and keep you busy throughout. You might as well create your puzzles at home. Seek help from your children, and do your Jig-saw puzzles. This can be a game as well.

Apart from all these games, the parents can introduce their children to the traditional board games as well. Most of the games that were there in the olden times were in the interest of family reunion games indoors. We have listed the most favorite and the best indoor games that you can play while you are staying indoors, you must now simply choose one and start playing them.

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