Here’s all you want to know about Justin Hakuta net worth!

Justin Hakuta net worth

Returning to April 2022, the devastating news of American businessman of Japanese – Filipino origin – Justin Hakuta, was doing the rounds. After close to a decade of a successful marital union, Hakuta and his comedian-actress wife, Ali Wong, have decided to call it quits. We will discuss more of their union and blessed marital life, but first, let’s get to the basics – what is Justin Hakuta net worth?

Apparently, we know him to be part of the classy millionaire businessman club, but there is more to reflect on. This digital document will give you an idea of the same. Scroll down for the details –

What is Justin Hakuta net worth?

From what has been known from various sources – Hakuta’s net worth is touted to be $1.2 million, a significant portion of which comes from his earnings from GoodRx. He is the Vice President of the multimillion-dollar technology firm – GoodRx. Apart from that – he was born into a well-to-do family – so his inherited wealth and set of assets add to his net worth.

For those interested in the joint value of Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta net worth – the amount would go up to $4 million (Wong alone has a net worth of $2.5 million). This data is though dates back to 2019 and does not include inflationary statistics. Further data on this context is awaited at the time of writing this article.

Justin Hakuta net worth
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His early life and education

An excellent professional career comes from a robust base – which helps one to make a cut. Talking about Hakuta’s childhood – he was born to the successful Ken Hakuta (a businessman and a television personality) and Marilou Cantiller – who worked at the World Bank. He is succeeded by his siblings – Aki and Kenzo Hakuta, though not much information is available about them.

Ken Hakuta was born in South Korea and made a fortune by inventing the Wacky WallWalker toy, curated out of elastomer. On television, he was famously known as Dr. Fad, from the famous “The Dr. Fad Show.” Ken is also known to organize Fad Fairs and received the Inventor of the Year Award in Philadelphia (unfortunately, there are some doubts about the year, which cannot be verified).

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Ken is also known to have founded the company, which offers remedies and products based on herbal concoctions, in 1998. However, last heard – it was somewhere in the middle of 2000 – that this project lost steam. For the record – a major portion of the wealth derived from these sources makes up today’s Justin Hakuta net worth.

From what is known about his education – he attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. After passing out his matriculation, he went forward to study as a Fulbright Scholar under the Technologico de Monterrey (Mexico) from 2002-03. This was followed by his attending the Bachelor’s degree program in Decision Science at Carnegie Mellon University (Pennysylvania). From what is last noted – he achieved his MBA from the Harvard Business School with high grades.

His strong educational background led him to take up some of the well-recognized positions in the professional domain. The next segment of this article will reflect on his professional career and success.

What are some key details about his career?

Currently, he is serving as the Vice President of GoodRx. Prior to that – he worked as a research analyst for the Centre For Court Innovation and as the Sales and Marketing Associate for Honest Tea in New York.

His other feats in the professional field that has resulted in the accumulation of Justin Hakuta net worth include – his role as the co-founder and product manager of Avacara, where he managed a contract-based team of designers and engineers to develop technology platforms. His CV also includes his job experience as – Product Manager at Cargomatic and Product Strategies and UX Lead Head at DIRECTV Digital Innovation Lab.

However – the massive fortune that he has scouted is from YogaStart – of which he is the co-founder and CEO. It is an online-based yoga and wellness service website.

#Just for the record – he was the Vice President of the Young Alumni group at Harvard Business School for a span of 3 years. His primary focus was developing and taking care of the community programs in those domains. Justin Hakuta net worth

What are his current sources of income?

We will categorically check out the sources of his income –

  • He is the son of Ken Hakuta, a noted television personality and businessman. Therefore – there is a certain amount of inherited wealth (though the amount has not been disclosed) that adds to Justin Hakuta net worth.
  • His primary source of earnings is from – his role as the Vice President of GoodRx.
  • His other sources of earnings – include – his role as Product Manager at Cargomatic, Sales and Marketing Associate for Honest Tea, UX Lead Head at DIRECTV Digital Innovation Lab, and his other roles.
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Personal details of Justin Hakuta

If you have been scrolling down, you are already aware of his parents and brother’s existence. Therefore – this segment will categorically deal with his wife and kids. Though currently – the once-blue-eyed couple has divorced each other to pursue separate ambitions in life, without a doubt – they were a game at one time. The couple share two kids.

Ali Wong – some details about the lady

Ali Wong, christened Alexandra Dawn Wong at birth on the 18th of April, 1982, is an actress and stand-up comedian, wife to entrepreneur Justin Hakuta. She has starred in a series of dramas such as – “Best Week Ever”, “American Housewife” and “Are You There Chelsea,” to name a few! Last checked – her net worth stood at $2.5 million, and she has released a range of specials on Netflix.

Coming from a combination of Chinese and Vietnamese descent, she is known for various comic and acting roles. She got married in 2014 and was blessed with two children. She had a huge role to play in enhancing the value of Justin Hakuta net worth by adding to her income.

However – in April 2022, the couple divorced, unfortunately. They both share custody of the children and go out for family occasions.

Some quickies to check out

  • Do you know he is active on both Instagram and Twitter, with more than 700 followers in the first format and close to 1.2k followers in the second one? However, there is no information about him being on Facebook.
  • Though he does not prefer to share too much of his personal information – however – from what has been gathered from sources, his weight (last noted) was 60 kg, while he stood tall at 5 feet 8 inches. His eyes and hair are black.

Wrapping up

Well, that was all that you wanted to know about Justin Hakuta net worth. If you are interested in reading more of these articles, do check out this website for more!


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