Patrick Bet David Net worth: Early Life and Possessions

Patrick Bet David Net worth

Entrepreneurs have always had a lavish lifestyle, and who knows it better than Patrick Bet David. Hailed to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Patrick Bet David is Iranian-American. Considering his popularity and lavish lifestyle, you will want to know about Patrick Bet David Net worth. 

Early Lifestyle

Patrick Bet David was born to Armenian and Assyrian parents in 1978 in Iran. However, his parents migrated to Germany during the war and eventually moved to the United States. Bet David was around twelve years old when he reached the United States. 

Patrick Bet David Net worth
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He attended Glendale High School in California and graduated from the Santa Monica Community College. He has a degree in nutrition. After attending his degree, he went into bodybuilding. He believes that life experiences are more valuable than college for many kids. 

Basics about Patrick Bet David Career

Career plays an important role in Patrick Bet David Net worth. He was the founder of a financial marketing organization in 2009, the PHP agency. The headquarters for the same are in Texas. The organization’s main motive is to offer health insurance, roll-overs, and annuities. 

Bet David is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in today’s time to have worked closely with great celebrities. He has interviewed many people like Kevin Hart, Mark Cuban, John Calipagri, Kobe Bryant, etc. 

If you want professional business tips from an entrepreneur, you should follow him on social media. He encourages the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. One of the best things about Patrick Bet David is that he constantly encourages new entrepreneurs. If you check out his online blog, you will see him interviewing billionaires and millionaires. This often acts as a push for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

What is Patrick Bet David Net worth? 

The Patrick Bet David Net worth is around $150 million. Considering his social media following and how well his business is doing, it is considered that his business and net worth will keep expanding in the coming times. 

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What contributes to the Patrick David Net Worth? 

Since Patrick is a very successful entrepreneur, what contributes to his net worth is often asked. But before we do so, you need to have some basic idea about his early life. After all, not everything that shines is gold. 

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Patrick had seen many ups and downs in his career. After his graduation from high school, he spent time in the US military. He worked regular jobs in different fields in the finance industry. This helped to knock off his interest in the field. He launched Saving America in 2009. However, before that, he was working for Morgan Stanley. He also did a few radio shows. 

Patrick Bet David Net worth
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All these points towards the fact that Patrick struggled in determining the efficiency. Before having a stable source of income, he was struggling. 

Here are some of the common things that contributed significantly towards Patrick Bet David Net worth:

Valuetainment Media LLC

This company is linked to his YouTube Channel Valuetainment. It also manages the tasks across different channels. One of the major modes through which Patrick markets or promotes this platform is from his social media channels

In this YouTube channel, he shares business growth tips and tricks. If you visit his channel, you will see him interviewing some of the biggest personalities. Well, these are his keys to success through which he got a huge fan following. 

Apart from the fan following, Valuetainment as a channel gets numerous downloads, views and clicks. Some of the guests who have been a part of his YouTube channel invited as guests include Alex Jones, Ray Dalio, Kevin Hart, Mark Cuban and more. Moreover, he is bold enough to have invited Mafia bosses in the show as well. Some of the prominent ones include Jimmy Hoffa and Sammy Gravano. 

PHP Agency Inc

One of the major sources for Patrick Bet David’s earnings is PHP Agency Inc. The company is a financial services marketing organization that offers various products to people. Some of its main products include annuities, health insurance plans and more. Furthermore, ever since its inception, the company has raised a funding of $10 million dollars. 

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PHP also hosts massive conventions. These conventions have seen the invitation of speakers such as President George W Bush, Kobe Bryant and more. The convention talked about the future of business, entrepreneurship, personal growth and more. All these factors would eventually contribute towards you making a mark in the industry. 

How does Patrick spend his money? 

Like every other entrepreneur, Patrick is fascinated by cars. He likes to take his luxury cars on a ride. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that most of his money is spent on his cars. 

According to reports, Patrick has one of the most impressive car collections. If you go through his car collection, you can come across numerous ones such as BMW i8, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Veneno, etc. 

Productivity Habits

The young generation should take some inspiration from Bet David. His productivity habits have hugely contributed towards the huge Patrick Bet David Net worth. He has always been vocal about his success mantra

He believes that a person can become successful only when he knows how to choose the right partner or save money. Patrick says that working hard in school can have a huge role in your success later on. However, you need to focus on certain goals or parts of success. 

He is a strong believer in working hard. He says that you can achieve anything as long as you work hard for it. Therefore, it can as well be said that he believes in the power of manifestation. When you identify your goal, you should work on achieving it by boosting the efforts. Before becoming an expert in any field, you need to have a theory. This will allow you to gain experience in the desired field. 

Final Words

Patrick David Net Worth is around $150-160 million. His marketing company and YouTube channel play an important role in contributing to his net worth. Therefore, you can always check out his YouTube channel if you need some inspiration.

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