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Another year – another Harlan Coben mystery – Netflix is panning out hit after hit! Based on the 2012 New York Times bestselling novel Stay Close, this murder mystery has seen some skyrocketing viewership, with people wanting to know about the release date of Stay Close Season 2. So, when is it coming? As of now – the streaming platform still needs to update details of the same.

So, what is the key factor which makes this series a superhit? What are its loyal fans waiting for? When will the second season arrive? This write-up will provide all the respective details.

When is Stay Close Season 2 coming?

Though initially, there was news that in 2018, Coben had signed a 5-year deal with Netflix to turn his novels into Netflix Original productions, there has been no news on  Stay Close Season 2.

Stay Close is an 8-part mystery drama series that follows the life of Megan Pierce, her fiance Dave, and her kids. The series was released on December 31st, 2021, after the dual success of Safe (2018) and Stranger (2020) by crime novelist Coben. The stakes were high for this. As usual – Stay Close stayed true to its expectations and was a massive hit on its release.

If you, too, are waiting for the next season – you are at the right place. We have all the details stored for you.

Stay Close Season 2

What’s so special about this series?

Harlan Coben is no new to introducing winding mysteries and cliffhangers – one after the other. In this miniseries, the initial mystery surrounds the disappearance of Carlton Flynn, son of Del Flynn, and its connection to the cold case of Stewart Greene. Though apparently – one assumes that both the murders have a common killer, it is revealed to be acts of two different individuals.

It is the presentation (New Jersey changes to Europe), the choreography of the sequences, the panto-style dance sequences, and finally, the character’s development – not just makes it an edge-of-the-seat thriller but also makes people await the arrival of  Stay Close Season 2 with impatience.

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What is the core of this murder mystery?

For those new to this series – here is a brief idea about this murder mystery. The series opens with a long shot of a mysterious statue amidst the forests. A man is found to be celebrating an event at a strip club called Vixen, and then he is found running toward the adjacent woods. The very first shot of Stay Close creates an air of mystery that, with the progress of the series, will entangle all the lives involved.

Megan Pierce is seen as a suburban madly in love, even after 16 years woman living in the suburban Livingstone with her fiance Dave and their three daughters. But she is a woman with a murky past. This is revealed when she comes back after her hen party to be welcomed with a chit of paper with ‘’Cassie’’ written on it.

Then we are introduced to the character of Ray Levine, a documentary photographer turned paparazzo-for-hire. Detective Michael Broome is still haunted by the cold case of Stewart Greene – who disappeared without a trace. When a similar incident happens –  the ball starts rolling again, and the investigations open up old wounds and stir up some cruel memories and threats to expose the truth.

The first season brings in too many twists and presents them so dramatically that the viewers are bound to wait for Stay Close Season 2.

What happens at the end of Season 1?

Like Netflix’s other mystery outings, this mini-series also ends with a cliffhanger. This makes the wait for Stay Close Season 2 almost impossible, though there has been no official announcement of the same. It is revealed – Lorraine killed Stewart not only because he was obsessed with Megan (Lorraine was trying to save Megan from Stewart)  – but also because she, due to her past, had become a serial killer, targeting men who had stains on their characters.

There is also an unsolved mystery of Sydney Carlton’s death – which supposedly involves Dave (Megan’s now-fiancee) and Kayleigh (Megan’s daughter). Kayleigh takes Megan into confidence with the description of the entire incident.

Hence – with time it is revealed that, unlike the premise on which it started, at the conclusion – the viewers find the tables turned; the alleged murderers simply turn out to be pawns, with the initial assumptions turning out to be completely false.

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Stay Close Season 2

What is expected in the next season?

The mysteries still need to be solved, making us viewers want to know more about unravelling the same in – Stay Close Season 2. Though Carlton’s car was pushed into the lake by Dave, the series ends with the sound of someone banging on the car’s door. Initially, it might seem like Carlton’s pleas for help, but later, the viewer realises that Carlton was not in the trunk.

There’s a question that remains hanging – what happens to Carlton? Does he manage to escape? The show seems to want us to believe that Carlton is dead. But for the show’s loyal viewers – this is not the first time the audience has been fooled. Right from the beginning, the show has always managed to overturn our expectations and ensure to leave us in a lurch – mostly dumbfounded! In this case, also – the creator plays the same card, and the fans are left wanting to know more!

What does the cast have to say?

Though officially, there has been no news of Stay Close Season 2, Richard Armitage, who plays the role of Ray Levine, was quoted telling RadioTimes.com – “…the fact that Dave turned out to be the unwitting murderer, there’s a chance for a follow-up.” He also stated that apart from everything, it was the intriguing ending – “…you don’t really see what he’s done. You just know that there was somebody in the boot of that car…” which made this series fulfilling. The thought of ‘something more to come’ makes it enticing.

Clearly – the audience and the cast of this miniseries are looking toward a second season.

Wrapping up

That was all about  Stay Close Season 2 and its supposed arrival date on the streaming platform. Are you too looking forward to it? Then leave your comments on this page. Check this page for more information.


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