Looking to solve saggy skin problems? Non Surgical brow lift does it!

Recently Nicole Kidman was caught grocery shopping – although without makeup. And dear – how was she looking? Just as if aged as a fine wine. For all the women and (some men) who got jealous – here’s the moment of truth! Maybe, a non-surgical brow lift did the trick! 

It is very natural for the skin to sag a little as people age. However, the problem arises when the skin massively decreases the production of collagen, which ensures the rejuvenation process of the same. In those cases, a little non-surgical touch always helps. After all, at the end of the day, who cares if you inch a little more than what is needed? 

However, this is no technique to be unaware of. For those who wish to try it, you must note certain essential aspects before taking the plunge. Then, why wait? Scroll down this content and figure out aspects of this process yourself – 

What is the non-surgical brow lift?

For the uninitiated – this is a non-invasive process to restore the correct placement of your eyebrow and minimise the wrinkles on your skin that have happened over the years. Speaking in general terms – there are a number of fillers and especially Botox, that is injected into the skin, which helps in producing collagen – which furthers the skin rejuvenation procedure. 

With these basics understood – the following query that arises is: what are the different types of non-surgical methods that are used, and how. As you scroll down, you will find a number of techniques followed. 

The available options for a brow lift

1. Injecting Botox 

The most used and surely the most trusted technique of brow lift – Type A botulinum toxin – chemically known as neuromodulators being injected into the skin. Once injected – its primary job is to relax the muscles lying beneath the skin in that specific area. 

non-surgical brow lift

The only aspect that one needs to note is that – these injections have to be repeated every 6 months up to 2 years. After that, touch-up injections must be taken to maintain the look, but on longer interventions.  

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2. Dermal Fillers

One of the most used techniques of brow lifting – these fillers are basically skin plumping solutions that are injected into the skin to make it look fuller and younger. This helps to negate the wrinkles present and aggravates skin collagen formation. Once injected – in due course of time, this aids cell regrowth and healed the skin from within. 

3. Endoscopic brow lift 

Though apparently, this is a non-surgical brow lift, however, minimal incisions are made on the hairline. With that – the chemicals that stimulate collagen growth are injected within a very short time – this technique provides the answers. 

4. Treatment by radiofrequency process 

This, in other words, is an ultrasound therapy that is used. By providing radiofrequency treatment, there starts a stimulation of collagen production in that area. As soon as new collagen is produced, the skin changes become visible. 

5. Laser Therapy 

Though this takes the longest in terms of recovery, this is one of the most effective modes. Here, via ablating lasers – the visible older skin of the face is removed. With time – the new skin grows back to replace the older one. 

non-surgical brow lift

6. Plasma Therapy 

Officially called the Plasma rich Platelet format, this technique uses one’s own blood in the cosmetic injection that is used. This is often used in combination with other non-invasive techniques. 

Multiple sources and direct patient testimonials have revealed that – a non-surgical brow lift, especially those done with fillers, has the capacity to last for 18 months on average. However, in some instances – after a specific span of time, one does need to upgrade and enhance the brow lift with an additional dose of botulinum injection. 

What benefits would you get? 

The benefits of a non-surgical brow lift are quite many and clearly evident. With time, the facial skin on the upper side of the face garners some fine lines. Though they can be reversed, the process is complicated. The first benefit of this process is – reversing that ageing process. 

Usually, for both males and females, the forehead must look smooth, minus any wrinkles or signs of age. The eyebrows technically are to run straight across the brow bone. If not, what you need is an uplift. Therefore – this non-surgical process is an instant hit! 

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This kind of brow lift can also work on certain genetical disorders which may have caused the drooping brow. Along with that – the issues of frown lines and crow’s feet are also solved via this process. 

The latest independent beauty survey that was carried out by a US-based cosmetics company also showed how this non-invasive process had maintained a certain amount of alignment with those muscles which pull down the brow. The main point here is – this format of brow lifting within a very short span of time has emerged as one of the best available alternatives – that most people, from young to old, are opting for. 

Is there any other option? 

The surgical lifting of the brow is surely there for those who are willing to look for other ways. However, the other way out is – The Thread Lift process, which again is minimal in terms of invasion. 

In this process, a dissolvable thread is inserted into the area around the brow, and after a certain time – this thread dissolves and creates collagen in that area. Thereby – the soreness and saggy areas of the skin are rejuvenated. However, from what has been found from different surveys – this process has not obtained much success. In fact – the chances of bruises and skin swelling have been found to be maximum. 

non-surgical brow lift
Image Credit: St Clair Cosmetics

Should you try it? 

Now to try or not to try is something that is entirely up to you. However, the non-surgical brow lift is a fairly modern trend, and most celebrities have undergone it. The Kardashian and Jenner family is one of the most prominent ones to have tried it out. Also, rest assured – there is no such side effect as facial paralysis or muscle tension that most of these portals may have reported. 

So, a little bit of ‘good look’ has never harmed anyone, and that too when it is tried and tested and within a limited price. 

Hope this article was of help to you. If it was, do give your feedback on the same, and in case anyone asks for help – do share this link.

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