10 Effective Ways to know how to remove dark circles

That climax of that K-drama kept you up last night. Your K-pop idol in her debut drama ached your heart with her One Way Ticket while you woke up with dark circles and bloated eyes this morning. What do you do next? Well, start wreaking havoc on your smartphone – searching: how to remove dark circles!! 

As you go through listicles that tell you to hydrate yourself, sleep early, and have fresh fruits (all of which are important), the mind seems to wander away, thinking – how do these Koreans remove their dark circles? This is the write-up that will cater to your thought process. So, time to check out Korean secrets to proper eye care

How to remove dark circles – the natural way

Here is a list of natural products your Korean stars swear by to keep their dark circles at bay. How about you trace the list yourself? 

1. A combination of lemon and cucumber concoction

You must have faced it multiple times or even seen in multiple films how two pieces of cucumber are left on your eyes as if for a lifetime. Well, it is the most effective way to reduce dark circles and puff under the eye. However, adding lemon juice to it aids and enhances the process. Grate some cucumber and add the juice of a lemon (equal parts) into it. Moist a cotton pad and keep it on your eyes for 15/20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. 

how to remove dark circles

2. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are a part of Korean dishes and Korean skincare. Since it is well known that tomatoes have high lycopene content, mix tomato juice with lemon juice (equal parts) and dip the cotton ball into it. After that – you can keep it for 10 minutes before rinsing it off!! 

3. Cold bags of tea (choose either green or black)

Green Tea is what they choose – both as a beverage and as a dark circle healer. One can also choose black tea. There are multiple benefits of these bags – primarily their oxidation and inflammatory positives, which help compress the under-eye blood vessels and thereby answer – how to remove dark circles

4. Anything cold – ranges from compress to milk 

From cold compress to cold milk – just keep it on for 20 minutes and see the magic it can show. Either go in for a rose water-dipped cold compress on your eyes or choose to dip cotton pads in cold milk and apply the same on your eyes. They mainly help relieve the under-eye nerves and increase blood flow circulation. Hence, this is another of their technique that you can try out. 

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5. Coconut oil 

What does this contain? Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties along with a dash of lactic acid. What can it do? Tightens the skin, moisturizes the skin, and repairs damaged skin cells. 

how to remove dark circles

6. Vitamin E oil 

As one of the best essential oils that one can find, they directly target the free radicals in your skin, enhancing ageing tendencies. You can apply a drop or at maximum, two underneath your eyes and leave it overnight. Next morning – wash it off. This is a hot favourite of your dear K-pop stars, and most of those creams also contain Vitamin E. 

7. Aloe Vera 

Is there anything that aloe vera cannot solve? Well, they also provide answers to the question: how to remove dark circles?

First, wash your eye, and then directly massage the area underneath it with aloe vera gel or pulp (if you find it directly). They reduce inflammation of that area and moisturize it simultaneously. 

8. Mint Leaves 

They are a powerhouse of leaves and include elements such as Vitamin C and menthol. Since they naturally have astringent properties, therefore – they narrow down vessels of the blood around that area and, along with that, rejuvenate the sore skin. 

#For better results – combine it with turmeric paste. 

9. Potatoes 

Potatoes are quite healthy – so you find them everywhere. High in Vitamin C content – they help to promote healthier skin. You need to grate them well, extract their juice, and then soak some cotton or remover pads. Now place it on your eyes, and after 15/20 minutes, rinse it with lukewarm water. 

10. Turmeric 

Though most Korean dishes prefer to skip this spice, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. So, it helps to improve the sagging skin, and if you constantly apply it for over a week, clinical surveys have shown it to rejuvenate the skin. 

# For better results, add pineapple juice or mint leaves puree to it and follow up the routine. 

Try out whichever product suits you best. In fact, just in case you are desperate to find answers to the query – how to remove dark circles, you can try a maximum of three of them at once! 


Going for creams – the secret ingredients 

The most opted way is to try out natural ingredients to deal with such conditions. However, for those who lack the time or in case the natural ways that most of your pop idols use – here are some friendly facial cream ways to deal with the query on how to remove dark circles? 

Most of these Korean eye creams are a great investment for your skin. However, do check if they have: a retinol, niacinamide, and caffeine combination (or at least two of them). If the caffeine reduces the sagging of the under-eye area, then the retinol content (and if Vitamin C content is there – that’s an additional positive) helps to brighten up the area. 

how to remove dark circles

The next ingredient whose presence is important is – snail mucus filtrate! Though it is quite unheard of as an ingredient, however, this includes contents such as protein, elastin, glycol, and antioxidants. These are multi-talented in their own rights and have immense healing properties. So, for those who have photodamage in that area and seem to question consistently – how to remove dark circles – this is your magic trick!! 

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For those with super sensitive skin, the way out in this case is to get an eye cream containing neuropeptides. In fact, it is courtesy of neuropeptides that collagen and elastin production in your skin rises, furthering the skin’s resilience and texture. More collagen – better skin – less concentration of dark circles. 

There is a list of other essentials that one needs to check in your eye cream prior to finalizing one – the checklist must include: Vitamin E (to soften the skin)/ Vitamin C (to produce collagen)/ Ceramides/ Hyaluronic Acid to name a few. 

#Special mention: If you have a chance to check out some rare products that benefit your skin – the options include: Manuka honey (antioxidant and antibacterial in nature – it helps in the skin renewal process)

CynergyTK (the anti-ageing ingredient with benefits such as stimulating the growth of elastin and collagen – that keep the skin firm) 

Halyoxyl (you know what all it helps with? The triad boosts capillary circulation, removes the haemoglobin concentration under the eyes, and thickens the under-eye skin. 

Check your internal domain

1. Try to stay away from the sun 

It is no rocket science to note that – UV rays of the sun enhance pigmentation of the skin and that directly leads to dark skin under one’s eyes. So, if you do not wish to constantly keep searching out ways how to remove dark circles – invest in a good sunblock and make efforts to protect yourself from its harsh ways. 

2. Manage your sleep cycle 

For insomniacs – you need to consult the doctor. For those who do manage to sleep well, take proper 7-hour sleep. When you do not sleep well, then the flow of blood in the body is comparatively reduced – the result being: bloated skin under the eyes and dark circles. You do not want to deal with that regularly. 

how to remove dark circles

3. Know your alcohol levels 

Having a drink once in a while is no big deal! However, consistent consumption of the same – can lead to dark circles. Rather than that – regulate the alcohol levels, and if that is taking time – do work out on a regular basis to keep yourself fit. Remember: Alcohol dehydrates the body. So, balance it up well. 

4. Figure out your allergies 

Some people do have allergic skin, and sudden hay fevers become a cause for their under-eye dark circles. Mainly these allergies are caused by – minerals and nutrient deficiency such as folic acid and B12 (mostly). Also, to steer clear of puffed eyes, one needs to cut down the gluten content in their food. 


Hopefully, this article could answer your doubts regarding how to remove dark circles. Also, everything said and done, make it a point to maintain a schedule that will help heal the body and make it a better haven for you. Best of luck! 

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