Periorbital Dark Circles: Everything you need to know

Periorbital dark circles

If you ask people what type of skin problem they are tired of, the most common answer is dark circles. Well, to be more specific, periorbital dark circles. But why is it the same for everyone?

We all are prone to various skin problems, but periorbital dark circles are one of them. While we see so many people with a dark semicircle spot under the eyes, many just live with purplish rings under the eyes.

Thanks to makeup, many are able to hide them, but we all are looking for permanent periorbital dark circle treatments. Beauty sleep can be one of the best ways to get rid of these unwanted rings, but that’s not everything. Moreover, one can’t get a healthy sleep of eight hours in today’s time considering the problems they may be suffering.

What are periorbital dark circles?

Periorbital dark circles are dark circles around the eyes. They appear mostly around the lower eyelids and appear like a purplish ring. They are extremely common in men and women.

These do not cause you harm, but they’re not very pleasing to look at either. Dark circles can make you look much older than you actually are. Moreover, in many cases, it may be very tough to get rid of these.

Dark circles can happen to anyone irrespective of gender and age. It is widespread in older people, though. However, the periorbital dark circles are mostly a result of a genetic condition known as periorbital hyperpigmentation. It is most common in people from non-white ethnic groups.

What deficiency causes periorbital dark circles?

If you are tired of dark circles, you surely want to know what deficiency causes periorbital dark circles and how to eliminate them.

Here are some of the common causes of periorbital dark circles

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Fatigue is indeed one of the most common causes of periorbital dark circles. Staying up late, stress, and oversleeping than your regular bedtime can have a negative impact. Over the years, sleep deprivation has also led to skin becoming pale and dull. This prevents blood from flowing through typically under the eyebags. As a result, these dark tissues and blood vessels start becoming visible, which further negatively impact.

Improper sleep schedule can result in fluid accumulation under the eye bags, thereby making them puffy.


Increasing age is also one of the main reasons for dark circles. The skin becomes thick with increasing age. Moreover, the skin begins to lose collagen, which is essential for maintaining elasticity. If skin loses its elasticity, the dark tissues under your skin become visible, thereby making your eyes appear dark.

Genetic hyperpigmentation

Many people are prone to hyperpigmentation due to genetic conditions. After these people attain a certain age, the skin’s darkening starts appearing, thereby causing various complications.

Genetic hyperpigmentation can cause blotches on your body which isn’t very aesthetic to watch. However, there’s no permanent periorbital dark circles treatment, but you can follow the natural method of improving it, thereby lowering the darkening.

If your family members developed dark circles, there are high chances that you may set them too. However, people prone to dark circles for genetic conditions will start showing symptoms from childhood, which will eventually worsen with time. It can also be a result of underlying health conditions.


If you’re dehydrated, dark patches will appear under your eyes. If your body fails to receive sufficient amounts of water, the skin under the eyes starts appearing dark. In many cases, it will also look dark and dull. This is mostly because of their proximity to bones

Exposure to sun

While sun exposure is considered to be healthy, overexposure can have negative impacts. Overexposure can lead to the skin producing excessive melanin- a pigment responsible for providing color to the skin.

Moreover, the excessive sun is extremely harmful to your skin, especially for the skin under your eyes. Too much of this pigment can make your skin dark.

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Allergies and eye dryness can also be a leading cause of periorbital dark circles. The body releases histamines to fight harmful bacteria causing the allergy. While histamine kills bacteria, it may trigger various uncomfortable symptoms such as itchiness and redness of the eyes. This can further complicate the symptoms by making blood vessels beneath the skin visible.

Allergies will make you want to scratch and ruin the skin around your eyes. With worsening symptoms, you can be prone to inflammation, swelling, and broken blood cells. As a result, the dark circles will start becoming visible under your eyes.

What are the periorbital dark circles treatment?

You may want to reach out to professionals for the periorbital dark circles treatments, but there are home remedies as well. It is advisable to try home remedies before reaching out to professionals. You should make sure to follow these as a routine to avoid any significant damages.

Some of the prominent treatments for periorbital dark circle are as follows.

Apply a cold compress

A cold compress can play an essential role in reducing swelling around the eyes. This further helps to shrink the dilation of blood vessels. As the puffiness of your eyes reduces, the dark circles reduce too. If you want the maximum impact, you should apply a cold press around your eyes for 20 minutes every day.

Get extra sleep

While it is technically impossible to get 8 hours of sleep, you should get more sleep than usual. Having a proper sleep can help to reduce dark circles

Soak with tea bags

If you’re a tea lover, you probably have lots of tea bags around you. Apart from satisfying your cravings for tea, these tea bags can also improve the appearance of dark circles. Tea is rich in caffeine and antioxidants that can help to boost blood circulation around the eyes.


Periorbital dark circles are a bit harder to get rid of than the general ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid them. There are several homemade remedies that you can try to get rid of your dark circles. However, you need to ensure that you follow every instruction appropriately.

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