How Safe is the Menstrual Cup while Sleeping?

How Safe is the Menstrual Cup while Sleeping?

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Menstruation plays a significant role in the life of women in which no woman is of exemption unless one is suffering from a health issue or complication. With this said, the market caters the needs of women based on what they experience.

For instance, menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups like the Daisy cup are being manufactured for the convenience of women’s period.

With this said, menstrual cups have taken the lead in terms of menstrual hygiene products because of the benefits and advantages it brings to the consumer.

Now, commonly, beginners that are new to menstrual cups have lots of questions about its usage, such as sleeping with it in. Is it recommended? Is it safe? Will the cup get lost? These are just one of the many question women have about menstrual cups.

So, to know the answer, read this article till the end to find out everything that you need to know about sleeping with a menstrual cup in.

Talking About the Cervix and the “Lost” Cup

First and foremost, the menstrual cup being lost inside your vagina is impossible. This is why you have nothing to fear about your menstrual cup getting lost while you sleep.

Why? Because your cervix is a very small hole that a thing as large as the menstrual cup will not have a chance to get lost while you sleep. Even a tampon is way too big to fit through your cervix’ opening. The only time that it can have an exemption is when a baby passes through during childbirth.

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So, if you were deliberating whether you should sleep with your menstrual cup or not, don’t fear, the menstrual cup is safe to use while you are sleeping the night soundly.

The Menstrual Cup May Shift

Now that your first doubt is hopefully cleared up let us go to the next concern. Although menstrual cups will not get lost, there will also be instances that you feel that it was lost because maybe you cannot feel the stem after a long night.

With this said, what can actually happen when you are currently sleeping is that the menstrual cup may shift a little built.

Your Menstrual Cup May Fill Up

Another issue to address is the filling up of your menstrual cup while you are sleeping. If you have a heavy flow, then the more is the possibility of your menstrual cup being filled up.

This is also particularly true if you are using the lower-capacity menstrual cups which hold 20-25 ml. On the other hand, it will take some time to learn whether the cup is already full or not.

High-capacity menstrual cups hold more than 40 ml. So, if your period is extremely heavy, then you might want to consider this option, especially on the night of your heaviest flow.

Also, you should consider pairing your menstrual cup with either pad or period panties. By doing this, you are given some extra protection in case of leaks and inconvenience when you wake up in the morning.

Is it Better to Use than Tampons for Sleeping?

When menstrual cups are compared to tampons as a tampon alternative, you can really see the difference in the benefits gap a consumer can have.

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For tampons, the regular one can hold around 5 ml while the big size contains about 10ml. On the other hand, menstrual cups can hold for about 30 ml, which is way better than a big size tampon, because, in theory, it should last three times longer.

Now, if you had to get up in the middle of the night just because you need to change your tampon, then you might want to consider the high-capacity menstruation just so that you will not be disturbed while sleeping.

How Long Can You Wear a Menstrual Cup?

Due to the threat of TSS of toxic shock syndrome, you need to change your tampon every 8 hours or less.

Change Every 12 hours. Menstruation cups can be used up to 12 hours max, cleaning it and then re-inserting the cup. This action is done to reduce the risk of infections and TSS.

It May Fill Up Before 12 hours. You will know if the menstrual cup is full since you will notice some leaking. In this case, you only need to take it out even if it is not 12 hours yet. Wash it with water and unscented soap, then proceed to re-inserting the menstrual cup for use.


Menstrual cups are really making noise in the market due to its competitiveness and given benefits to the consumers. With this said, hopefully, your mind has been cleared out by the rumors or any doubts about having a menstrual cup and using it while sleeping.

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