The Top 10 rybelsus side effects and respite from them!

rybelsus side effects

Are you feeling better now? That sudden nauseous attack must have been scary. Not to worry! You are right – it is the rybelsus side effects. Since you know now that this off–whitish–yellowish oval tablet may heal your Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, why not check out a little more of its side effects? After all, it may happen again. Better be safe than sorry, right?

This medical content will take only 5 minutes of your time but surely inform you a little more on rybelsus, its effects and side effects, and other things concerning you. So, take a deep breath and scroll down. The details are comprehensible.

What are the specific rybelsus side effects?

Since you are already nauseous enough, the best start to this document is to give an idea of the side effects of this medicine. Used as a second line of treatment for diabetes (Type 2 specifically), one can have issues such as –

1. Abdominal pain followed by constipation and decreased appetite.

2. Heartburn, chest pain, vomiting, and nausea are some of the most found side effects. If you have any of these, you can still be at ease.

3. Sudden rise in heartbeat/ fluttering reactions in chest/ sudden swelling of face and throat area

4. This drug plays with one’s mind. Whether it is a light-headed feeling or some absurd thoughts of self-destruction, try to be in control while using this drug

5. Certain patients have also reported symptoms such as – hunger and additional weakness. In fact, some studies have shown that if not taken with utmost control, this drug could excessively lower blood sugar levels (it was for treatment of the same, though, but it seems like a case of a bit too much poison)

6. Stomach flu (basic level) and at times some symptoms of pancreatitis have been seen

rybelsus side effects

7. Consistent usage of this have shown – gall bladder and kidney problems. Whether the passing of less urine or jaundice symptoms and brownish stool – the side effects can be quite intense 

8. Sudden changes in vision are again one of the most common side effects

9. For people who are allergic to semaglutide or any of its variants – the immediate effect is rashes and hives

10. A very recent clinical trial – through its results have not been certified globally has seen patients using rybelsus for a prolonged period facing hypoglycemia

#a myth to note – It is said that the direct result of rybelsus intake is fatigue. However, the truth is due to lack of appetite (which in some cases directly are rybelsus side effects), one consumes less food. The fatigue is due to that. People who do not have this side-effect do not lose appetite.

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What to do to reduce these effects?

Going in for a check-up every time you have any of these symptoms is impossible. For regular users of this drug – rybelsus side effects are quite an affair. Since these will not go away completely, how to reduce their effects? Here are some of the guidelines –

Take this medicine on an empty stomach (30 minutes before and with a maximum of 4 ounces of water) right in the morning is the best time, but then again, do consult the medical officer

If on oral pills, take them all at once. Rybelsus pills are not made for crushing or chewing.

Increase your water intake. Also, steer clear from sugary beverages but try to add fresh fruit juices to your breakfast routine. This will comparatively reduce the effects of rybelsus.

Did you get a better idea of its side effects and the redemption? Then why don’t you roll your screen down a little more and find out some more particulars – facts and fixtures of this medication? An informed patient can understand the prescribed medication better. 

Rybelsus – A clearer picture of this medicine

Sold under multiple brand names (Ozempic being the most common) – semaglutide is an antidiabetic medicine aiming to deal with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Similar to human – glucagon-like – peptide 1 (officially GLP 1), this increases insulin secretion and raises its sugar metabolism. The Ozempic format of it is injectable, while the Rybelsus – the one this article deals with is the only ‘by-mouth’ medicine for the same.

rybelsus side effects

Approved by FDA USA in 2019 and European Union in 2020, this medicine though has an aplenty stigma in the name of rybelsus side effects, but it is one that has brought some enormous positive results from all quarters. 

The function of rybelsus is to mimic the natural incretin hormones and maintain blood sugar levels. Gut peptides secreted from the stomach during food consumption make up the famed incretin hormones. Since GLP 1, one of the incretin hormones, has the same structure as rybelsus (94%similarity), so, rybelsus binds itself to the receptors of GLP 1. By that, it reduces the liver’s glucagon secretion and then slows down gastric emptying. In this way, the sugar level of the body is managed.

Though the stomach absorbs rybelsus mainly, that is only 1% of it. So, a consistent dosage period of 4-5 weeks is necessary before one sees any change.

A quick FAQ on rybelsus:

Dosage of rybelsus

For the Diabetes Type 2 format – orally for 30 days (3-mg) to be followed by (7-mg) once a day.

For additional titration – the dosage increased to (14-mg) once a day

NOTE: If increased to 14-mg, then taking 7-mg twice at a gap to make up the actual dosage is not recommended. Strictly one must follow a singular 14-mg dose.

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In case you make a mistake – immediately call the hospital helpline

To reduce Cardiovascular Risks – The same above-mentioned format is followed.

What if you miss a dose?

Try not to miss one; this is a highly reactive drug. Now that you have missed it – skip that dosage and fix the next one. More than 5 days have passed? It is fine, just skip it and return to the scheduled dosage.

Is family history important?

Though not much for other medical issues, diabetes is hereditary. So, for people who have had issues with their eyes courtesy of their diabetic condition (formal name: retinopathy), chances are that rybelsus dosage with being monitored closely.

If there is a personal or familial history of – thyroid carcinoma (medullary) or Type 2 Endocrine neoplasia, a doctor will not administer rybelsus.

#Note: It is only for people above 18 years

Do not take this medication if 


For women of childbearing age and lactating mothers:

Women, especially those of childbearing age, need to use contraception (a doctoral reference is a must) if they are treated with semaglutide (the original form of rybelsus)

If any woman wishes to get pregnant but is currently being treated with rybelsus, a 2-month prior notice period is a must. Rybelsus must be stopped 2-months before pregnancy planning. Further studies on rybelsus side effects in women (pregnant and lactating) are pending.

In case the lady is lactating, rybelsus, as of now, is a strict ‘no.’ Though no clinical trial on humans has been conducted on this, a study on lactating rats revealed – traces of rybelsus found in secreted milk. Also, in terms of fertility – female rats have shown reduced ovulation capacity, whereas male rats did not show any marked effect.

As for people with pancreatitis and kidney diseases – rybelsus must be used with caution.

rybelsus side effects

#Point to note – Semaglutide, reacts with the body and changes the way it absorbs medications and relevant food products. Starting from herbal products or medicines to nutritional supplements, chances are high that rybelsus will counter and respond to those. Hence, for those who have any of these medicines, do intimate the medical officer of the same. In the case of medicines such as – glimepiride, glyburide, levothyroxine, and glipizide – the counteractions are prominent.

That was quite some medical knowledge documented together! Better informed of the same, though, aren’t you? Maybe, next time you visit your medical practitioner and find someone else a little less informed struggling with rybelsus side effects, do pass on this link. A little help saves the world. Life is to be led sweetly, not fighting the sweetness. Take your medicines on time and stay safe.

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