Take Look Before Taking Hydroxyzine

Taking Hydroxyzine

We visit a doctor’s clinic only when we get sick. But we should go to the clinics to get our regular checkups done. Doctors advise you to take medicines if your reports are not good enough. It is amazingly well to know how drugs can stimulate wellness and can treat your disease within the required period. But it can only create health if it has no side effects on your body. If there are some drugs which are having adverse effects too with the elimination of the diseases, you can never retain a healthy body. This is the reason why it is advised to take drugs and Taking Hydroxyzine only when the doctor advises you to take them. 

Today we will discuss a similar drug which has many uses when it comes to treating diseases but also has some major adverse effects too. Get on board to get the complete details about hydroxyzine, hydroxyzine side effects, etc.

What is taking Hydroxyzine?

Hydroxyzine is the drug that is sold under the brand name Atarax. It is the white box that you can only buy after showing a prescription by the doctor. Its full name is hydrochloride hydroxyzine. It is the drug which is specifically categorised under the antihistamine drugs. 

hydroxyzine side effectsNow the question is, why is this drug given, and to which kind of patients is it advised? The drug is given to patients generally suffering from any allergy. Since allergy in the body is caused by histamine, these antihistamines are given to the patients to reduce the effect of histamine causing the allergy. Histamine is responsible for itching or hives on your skin. Thus, hydrochloride hydroxyzine is what you need for the time being. 

Uses of Hydroxyzine 

Let us now get to know the benefits of hydroxyzine on your body before knowing the hydroxyzine side effects. Below given are some of the uses of this drug:

  • It interferes with the neurotransmitter in the central nervous system and decreases the activity there. This results in the lowering of the histamine effects on the body.
  • In the rush of life, being successful is what everyone desires. This can create stress, anxiety, and depression for you. Hydroxyzine is generally advised for patients who are suffering from anxiety and tension.
  • It can be used in providing anaesthesia to the patient. But it can only be general anaesthesia and too can not only be achieved by hydroxyzine. You have to use other specified drugs for general anaesthesia. 
  • It treats many allergic diseases, whether it is rashes on the body or contact dermatitis. 
  • It aids in eliminating urticaria and pruritus-like skin diseases.  
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How Does It Work? 

As we know, histamines are responsible for creating allergic reactions in the body like dermatitis, rashes, urticaria, and many more. It is the basic one of any allergic disease. When hydroxyzine is taken, it blocks the action of histamine in the brain, and the allergy gets eliminated from the body. 

Hydroxyzine Side Effects

There can be multiple hydroxyzine side effects which are given below:

  • Hydroxyzine can cause birth defects or congenital defects in the body. Thus, it is advised not to take these medicines while you are pregnant.
  • There are many heart problems that a patient can suffer from after taking hydroxyzine. There can be illnesses like stroke, increased heart rate, increased bp, and many more. hydroxyzine side effects
  • There can be impaired decision-making. The patient loses the sense to decide what is wrong and what is right. 
  • The patient can suffer from tremors. Not only this, but there are also severe chances for the patient to suffer from seizures, restlessness, and confusion.
  • The individual can use muscle control at later stages. This can be because the drug creates hormonal changes and decreases the toning of the muscles.
  • Try not to drink alcohol too much because it can cause unwanted illness to you as there are interactions observed between alcohol and antihistamines. 

So we got some idea of the uses and hydroxyzine side effects.

How to Consume Hydroxyzine

Hydroxyzine is required to be taken in the prescribed doses only that the doctor has provided. The advisable doses are 50-100 my/ml and 25 mg/ml. The doses are given with the unit per ml because it is orally suspended in the liquid form. Before taking it into account, let me tell you that these different doses treat different diseases. The dose of 50 mg/ml is taken to treat the anxiety or stress of the patient. This is not only given orally but can be submitted in the body through IM (intramuscular). Now, talking about the other dose, 25 mg/ml is taken only orally. It helps to treat allergic reactions in the body. These medicines are not taken longer than 4 months. If taken longer, they can cause severe hazards to your body as its overdose can occur in the body. 

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Note: If you miss taking any dose of hydroxyzine in your routine, skip that dose and start from the next one to avoid overdose.

Overdose Of Hydroxyzine

Since we are talking about overdose, what can be the health hazards that can be caused by overdosing on hydroxyzine? Get to know about it now.

  • The overdose of hydroxyzine causes drowsiness and tiredness in your body. The patient feels sleepy all day long. This can only be rectified once the dose gets tapered after the first two months.
  • There can be gastric issues. The overdose can also cause nausea and vomiting. It can be treated through antacids. hydroxyzine side effects
  • There can be chemical issues in the brain like seizures and convulsions. There can be impaired decision-making. 
  • There can be dry mouths too. This can be treated by artificial saliva or by stimulants that can induce saliva. 
  • However, it treats emotional issues, but its overdose can cause anxiety to rise despite getting declined.

Summing Up

It is always a pleasure to share information that you must know before taking drugs some people advise you to take. This was all about the functions of hydroxyzine and hydroxyzine side effects. Always follow the timetable of the medicine and its doses as prescribed by the doctor.

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