Check Out The Ways To Overcome Insomnia

ways to overcome Insomnia

There are many among us who do face this issue of Insomnia. Still, unfortunately, not many of us know that the very common sleep cycle disorder where we are not able to sleep through the night is what we call Insomnia in technical terms. So, yes, if you are facing the same issue where you are not able to sleep at night, then you are an insomniac. But, you do not need to worry as there are so many ways and means out there that can be of help to you in dealing with this situation. But, before getting into the list of tips or ways to overcome Insomnia, let us first of all try and understand the situations, reasons, and causes that may lead a person to this problem.

ways to overcome Insomnia

Causes leading a person to the situation of Insomnia

  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Sudden change in sleep surroundings
  • Physical ache in the body or some other medical disorder
  • Jet lag 
  • Medication may also lead to Insomnia in certain cases
  • If in case you have chronic Insomnia, then that can be because of the following reasons- 
  • It can be because of arthritis or back pain
  • Issues can also be psychological, such as anxiety, depression, or some sort of addiction. 

Other than this, it can be because of some medical conditions as well. Those medical conditions include cancer, diabetes, and other such diseases.  

The reason why it was important to start the discussion with the list of causes leading to Insomnia is that once a person is clear with the reasons, causes, and everything, then further understanding and dealing with the situation would become an easier thing to do.

So, now further in the blog, we will discuss in good detail all the means and ways to overcome Insomnia.

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List of ways to overcome Insomnia


1. Minimize your use of blue light

There are a lot of digital gadgets around us, such as laptops, tablets, computer screens, and TV screens. All of these gadgets do emit a blue light which can be harmful to the eyes as well as it can be a disturbance for the sleep cycle. So, one should avoid contacting a screen emitting blue light several hours before going to sleep. ways to overcome Insomnia

2. Do not look at the clock

This may sound strange but looking at the clock continuously while you are lying down and trying to sleep often triggers anxiety. So, if you have a habit of looking at the clock while you are not able to sleep, then, in that case, you are advised to put that wall clock down, or if it is a table clock, then you need to keep that away from the reach of your eyes.

3. Always use pillows

This is one of the best ways to overcome Insomnia if your cause of it is back pain. Using pillows around your body while sleeping, you will be able to get more comfort, and thus maybe you will be able to sleep better. 

4. Neck Position

If you are not able to sleep properly and therefore you are looking around for ways to overcome Insomnia, then the positioning of your neck can be your culprit. So, while you try to sleep, your neck position should be in the right posture. 

5. Keep your bedroom clean

Yes, this is also counted among good ways to overcome Insomnia. Sometimes people do face this issue of Insomnia because of dust allergy or any other such issue, so yes, you should always keep your bedroom clean if you wish for a good night’s sleep.

6. Limit the use of the bedroom

If you are a person suffering from Insomnia, then you should not use your bedroom for anything else except for sleeping and for sexual purposes. If other than this, you will use your bedroom or your bed for other activities also, such as eating food or watching entertainment while resting on it, then that may adversely affect your sleep cycle. 

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7. Do not consume Caffeine after 12 noon

If you are facing sleep-related troubles, you need to look into the list of your food items. There in the list, you need to check the list of your food items, then in the list further, you need to see those items which contain caffeine content, and all those items are required to be removed from the diet after 12 O’clock in the noon.

8. Do not take longer naps

Yes, it is true that a power nap is important to be taken every day that keeps you fresh, and you do become more productive after that. But, there is one thing to keep in mind it should not be taken for more than 20 minutes as that may disturb your sleep cycle. If you are an insomniac, then this can be an issue for you. ways to overcome Insomnia

If in case you have already tried all of this and nothing is helping you out, then the next and the last resort you are left with is medications. There are many medicines and supplements out there which are capable of fixing a disturbed sleep cycle. But, if you do not wish to depend on medicines for your sleep, then trying meditation can also help you out.


Some essential oils 

Other than medications and meditation, there are some essential oils also that can help you with the maintenance of your sleep cycle. There are lavender and peppermint oils that you count on as essential oils for you to relax and easily maintain your sleep cycle.



Insomnia is very common among people, but also it is a condition that needs to be kept under strict observation as it can further leave adverse effects on a person both physically as well as psychologically as well. This way, yes, Insomnia can be dangerous, and if not treated and cured within a proper timeline, then it can lead a person to some life-threatening situations as well. That is something unwanted times are changing, and such disorders are not incurable. All that is required is a timely diagnosis.  

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