5 benefits of traveling abroad for weight loss surgery

traveling abroad

For those struggling to achieve their weight loss goals, gastric surgeries can be a powerful tool — especially when combined with the correct diet and exercise program. Today, more people than ever before are opting to head overseas for weight loss surgery, in what’s being termed “Medical Tourism”. Here are some compelling reasons to consider making a similar choice for your own procedure and for traveling abroad:

1) Going abroad dramatically cuts waiting times- traveling abroad

If you’ve enquired about NHS gastric surgery options, you’ll be fully aware that wait times can be long, especially as hospitals try to process the backlog caused by COVID-19 restrictions. On the other hand, paying for private treatment abroad can cut waiting times down to zero.

2) You’ll pay far less for your operation

Depending on the type of procedure you require, weight loss surgery in a UK clinic can be very expensive. How much exactly? Well, many top clinics, especially in London, can charge upwards of £12,000. Heading abroad could potentially cut that bill by two-thirds. 

3) You’ll often receive a higher standard of care

Despite what you may have heard, many countries have far higher standards of care and better-equipped facilities than you would find at home, ntry.

4) You’ll have the option to pay for the procedure yourself

Believe it or not, many clinics will only take payments for gastric surgeries from insurance companies, rather than individual patients. Going abroad solves this problem, and cuts down on administrative delays.

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5) You can recover in style

It’s called medical tourism for a reason! If you’re traveling to a vacation hotspot for weight loss surgery, it makes sense to kick back and recover in the sun, surrounded by 5-star facilities. Even if you pick a location closer to home, you can still recuperate in beautiful surroundings, soaking up the local culture. 

Are you considering getting a gastric band abroad? If you’re planning surgery for weight loss, Latvia is an excellent choice, with competitive prices, highly skilled professionals and safe, modern clinics.

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